Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{day 31} reprise: the beauty of transparency...

It's a difficult thing.  A beautiful and difficult thing.
You don't want to bare too much of yourself for the entire world to see.  To read.  And possibly to judge.  And yet, you don't want to hide from the things that are intended to help you grow.
The Enemy operates in the dark, hidden places.  He is lurking.  Waiting to pounce on the very thing that threatens to eat you alive.
Dare yourself to shine some Light in the dusty, dark corners and allow some Truth to grow.
That's what this month has been all about. 
Me.  Daring myself to be as transparent as possible in order to spread some Truth around.  In an effort for those not-so-pretty places, those less-than-neat situations to help me grow.  Grow in my faith.  Grow in my walk with Jesus.  Grow in my mission to be transparent.
Transparency can be a beautiful thing.  If you allow it to help you grow.  You never know who you might reach or help by daring to bare your soul.  All the worries.  All the anxieties.  All the cares. 
'People aren't looking for you to have it together. 
They're looking at what happens when you don't.'
Beth Moore
What happens to you after a really bad day at work or school?  What happens to you when you've lost the last ounce of patience you had?  What happens to you when things don't go quite like you planned?  What happens to you when you look in the mirror and don't recognize yourself?  What happens to you when someone questions your transparency?  What happens to you when your best friend, your soul mate moves away?  What happens to you when you've had an argument with your spouse or friend or parent?

What happens?
Do you run and hide from the tough stuff?
Or do you dare to shine?  Dare to be transparent in order to grow? 
We all have stuff.  Stuff that makes us mad.  Stuff that hurts our feelings.  Stuff that we allow to beat us down. 
But rather than hiding that stuff behind a fake smile and nodded head, I dare to share it with the world.  I dare to allow Jesus to work through that stuff.  I dare to reveal that I don't have it all together.  I dare to expose the very things that I struggle most with. I dare to bring that stuff to light rather than hide it away in a dark corner somewhere.  Somewhere that the Enemy will find and expose in a manner that seeks to destroy me.

Isn't it beautiful?
Do you dare to be transparent?  Do you dare to make yourself vulnerable in order to grow?

Do you dare?

Do you?
'Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. 
Be honest and transparent anyway.'
Mother Teresa
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