Monday, October 8, 2012

{day 7} getting over myself...

What do you do when your nerves threaten to come unraveled? 

How do you sooth yourself back to a calm state?

For no good reason, I found my nerves on the fritz yesterday. 

The 6 foot mountain of laundry kept laughing at me.  Begging me to scale the mountain and start folding. 

Do you see it taunting me?

There was a toddler who whined and whined and fought her afternoon nap.  And then she whined some more.

There was the dirty kitchen that just wouldn't clean itself.

There was the burned out light bulb in my closet that, no matter how many times I flipped the switch, refused to glow.

And then to make matters worse, there was this pesky little {not so little} number on the scale that couldn't possibly be right.  So now I have a broken scale.  Just great.

All these things left me feeling just a little on edge, if you will.

I allowed my self to feel the fray for a little while.  I may or may not have rolled my eyes and slammed the door to the dishwasher.  I could have even stomped off the scale flabbergasted over how the darn thing broke.  {Ha!}  And I possibly could have pulled my hair, rubbed my temples, closed my eyes and silently dreamed of Calgon actually being able to take me away.

Then, I stopped dwelling on myself.  I stopped the selfishness.  I stopped making it all about me.

I took a deep breath.  And realized it was okay for the mountain to grow a little taller {for tonight, anyway}.  I tackled the kitchen and restored it to order.  I made a plan to fix that scale tomorrow {Monday is always a good day to fix your scale!}. 

As for the toddler, I sent her to bed.   After she had her supper, bath, and cup of milk, of course. 

The less I focused on me, the calmer I felt.  The less I worried about the small stuff, the more my spirit felt at peace. 

Contrary to what the world screams, the less you become, the more He can work. 

I want to be all but invisible if it means others get a glimpse of Jesus.

'He must become greater and greater,
and I must become less and less.'
John 3:30

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