Thursday, October 4, 2012

{day 3} tidying up a bit...

Who do you call when the realtor wants to show your house in 30 minutes and it is a wreck?

Your best friend, of course.

As we were pulling out of the church parking lot Wednesday night, my best friend called me.  The one who is packing up and moving away to Alabama.  She was in a panic.  Her house was going to be shown in 30 minutes and she needed help tidying up a bit. 

I pulled into her driveway before she did.

We vacuumed.  We made beds.  We cleaned counter tops.  We loaded her two beasts {um, I mean dogs}.  We listened as a certain 16-month old, who shall remain nameless, cried at the top of her lungs.  We watched as a certain new baby boy slept soundly in his carrier.  We took the trash off.  She baked cookies.  Why, you might ask?  {Don't worry, I asked too.}  So her house would smell welcoming.  And we sweated our fannies off {figuratively, not literally}. 

I want to pretend like this isn't really happening.  I want to pretend like it was all a bad dream.  I want to sweep it under the rug.  My selfish nature wants it all to just go away.

The whole time I was vacuuming and tidying my insides were screaming. I had fleeting thoughts of tossing a little trash on the floor.  Or bailing out and running for cover.  Or something of the sort.

But my heart knows this is what friends do.

They roll up their sleeves and pitch in with a helping hand.  And a willing heart.

My heart still breaks at the thought of her moving. 

But my heart would break even more if she wouldn't have called me to help. 

Even in the midst of the heartache, we laugh and make more memories.  After all, it takes a special bond for ladies to hike up their dresses and clean house together. 

Saddest sign  ever.
So, while my selfish nature wanted to take over.  I allowed myself to put it to death and rise above it.  I allowed myself the extra time with my cherished friend.  I allowed myself the chance to make more memories.

When we put away our selfish ways, we find there is a bigger blessing at stake.  When we rise above our selfish ways and humble ourselves, we find we are able to honor those around us.  May you find your blessing today.  May you hold your friends and loved ones close and serve them more than we serve ourselves.

Trust me, your heart will thank you.  And you might even snag a warm, chocolate chip cookie on the way out the door.

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