Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{day 2} in the still of the night...

So, yesterday found me feeling pretty icky. 

Ok, really icky. 

I prayed without ceasing for the dreaded stomach bug to not enter our home.  It didn't.

But nonetheless, I felt as if it was going to strike me down at any given moment.  I left work a little early and crawled into my jammies and into my bed at 5 o'clock.  And my feet didn't hit the floor until 7 o'clock.  THIS MORNING. 

I'm not ashamed for you to glimpse into the darkness that was my room and my heart last night in order to see the Light that shone through.

I wrestled with the Enemy last night.  I wrestled with the lies he so cunningly whispers into my heart. 

'Ha, you committed to something for 31 days and you have already failed.'
'Ha, you can't even take care of your daughter today.'
'Ha, your co-workers are going to think you are slack because you had to leave early.'

'Ha! Ha! Ha!'

The taunting was relentless. 

And because I could barely move for fear the bug would bite, I allowed myself to wallow in the lies.

Until 3 o'clock this morning. 

I woke up to a beautiful baby girl smiling at me from across the sheets.  And a tummy that felt normal {or at least, more normal than the day before.}

As I soothed her back to sleep by rubbing her back, the still, quiet voice of the Holy Spirit soothed my heart.    He whispered, 'Sometimes you must be still and know.' 

Be still and know. 

In that moment, it dawned on me.  I was called to relinquish my tight grip of control yesterday.  I was called to let go and let others fill the spaces that I normally reign over. 

And you know what? 

Everything was fine.  More than fine. 

Being still does not mean you are lazy or unproductive.  Being still does not mean that you stop doing all the things that you normally do in a day.  Being still doesn't even mean that you stop right where you are and wait for God to show up.

Being still simply means that you find a way to quiet your heart and tether yourself to the One who can calm and recharge your spirit. 

In the still of the night, the lies of the Enemy were quieted and my heart was drawn even closer to the One who chases away the ickyness. 

May you find a place to quiet down your busy mind and find a hiding place today.  A place where you can be still and know that He is God.  It may be in your car at the red light.  It may be in the bathroom stall.  It may be standing in line for lunch.  Or it may even be in the darkness of your room with an aching tummy. 

He is calling you to lay aside the worries of your mind.  He is calling you to His side.  And if you meet Him there, He will quiet the lies of the Enemy and fill you with Truth.

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