Saturday, December 8, 2012

on how I was captivated by {skylar} grace...

There's this girl I know. 

A girl I could not have anticipated loving so much.  A girl who burst into this world full of life.  And she has bubbled over with spunk and personality ever since.

Six years.  It almost doesn't seem right.  The years flew by so fast it took my breath away.  As I steady myself from the dizziness with which time has passed, I reflect on this bundle of pink, ooey-gooey, yumminess that captured the hearts of many.

On an abnormally, freezing cold day in December, she arrived full of warmth and grace.  Which seemed so fitting given the fact that she has been warming our hearts and gracing our souls from the beginning. 

This girl {little as she may be} is as big as the sun and the moon and the stars.  Her very presence demands attention.  She sees the world as her stage.  And life as her performance.  She is entertaining and comical and spunky and full of life. 

Don't ever let her size fool you, though.  She has a heart the size of the ocean.  Beneath her tiny frame is a life so deep and wide it begs to spill onto shore and flood the earth all around.  A life meant to do great things.  A life destined to blaze a trail.  A life purposed to light up the sky.

I have no doubt she'll do all that.  And more.  So much more.

Love spills from her heart like rain falls from the sky.  Free and overflowing.  Laughter fills the room over her antics.  And joy pours from hearts that love her. 

1st Birthday!

2nd Birthday!

3rd Birthday!

4th Birthday!

A whole hand of birthdays!

She tipped the world on it's axis six years ago.  Leaving us mesmorized and awestruck in her presence.

Yes, there's this girl I know.  And I've had the pleasure of knowing {and loving her} since that cold day in December all those years ago. 

This girl I know.  She turns six today

{Gulp!} SIX!

Some may know her as Skylar Grace.  But as her aunt, I just call her Sweets!

Happy 6th Birthday, Sweets!  Who loves you more than you know?

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