Friday, December 7, 2012

on the beautiful transformation from little girl to teenager...

Like a caterpillar turns to a beautiful butterfly, a vivacious little girl blossomed into a vibrant young women. 

Almost over night.

I've only had the extreme pleasure of knowing this beauty for the past eight years.  And the divine honor of being her aunt for the past 3+ years.  But I've watched with my very own eyes how she has grown.  In her walk with Jesus.  In her stature.  In her relationships.  In her God-given talent. 

As with any growth, there is still room for more.  But she is being watered in all the right places to make room for upward growth. 

Over the past eight years, I have watched this lady go from playing rough and tumble in the yard to wearing make-up and fixing her hair.  I've seen the nail polish and text messages and girlfriends multiply seemingly in the blink of an eye.

This lady.  The one who turned from little girl to teenager before I could take a deep breathe.  She has such a special, God-given talent that blesses those who listen.  She sings as if she is speaking directly to Heaven.  With a voice as beautiful as a whole host of angels. 

Like any well-rounded teenager with a broad array of interests, she plays soccer with the best of them.  Probably because she is the best of them. 

Intelligent in mind.  Gentle in spirit.  Big in heart. 

She exudes the very meaning of beauty.  Simply because it radiates from the inside out. 

There are many who call her friend.  Parents and a brother who love her beyond compare.  A Nana who proudly calls her granddaughter.  Even an uncle who loves her like his own and still sees her as squirmy, bundle of pink.  And a little girl who adoringly calls her Cammie.  But I, having only known her 8 eights, consider myself blessed to call her my niece. 

Happy 13th Birthday, Camryn!

May you know to the depth of your soul that you cherished and loved way beyond measure.  May you deeply acknowledge that you are wonderfully and fearfully made, just the way you are.  You were designed with a purpose; a purpose that will further the Kingdom of God.  May you boldly grow confident in the plan He has chosen for your life.  And may all you do and say shine Truth and Light into the lives of those around you.

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