Wednesday, February 27, 2013

{day nine} at the foot of the cross I lay down the unknown....

Nothing causes a mama to quake in her boots more than the unknown.  The worry and fear that accompany this stranger into our hearts storm the gates and threaten to bring us to our knees.

Things that bump in the night.  What ifs and what nots. 

My head spins just thinking of all the possibilities of the unknown.  And then, I make a list of possible reactions and solutions and remedies for all the unknown scenarios.  Truth be told, I drive myself crazy. 

I stared at the ceiling for much of the night Saturday with a whole litany of things that tossed about in my heart.

Is that smoke I smell?  Could the house be on fire?  If it is and my arms are full of my baby girl, what else could I possibly grab?

Is she breathing?  How close can I get to tell without waking her?

Am I missing something?  Will we ever see past this toddler phase of defiance and strong will?  What if this is just her nature?  Will I survive the teenage years?

Did I lock the front door?  Both locks?  What about the back door?  Let me just be sure.  And while I'm at it, I'll make sure the stove and oven are turned off {even though it hasn't been used in days}.

Crazy, right? 

Pure, unedited, unfiltered craziness. 

Don't bother calling the nearest loony bin.  I know I'm crazy. 

As I was sipping my coffee Saturday morning and preparing breakfast for my family, I all but chuckled at myself.  Perhaps medication would help. 

But perhaps laying at the Cross would help more.

Casting the whole of your care--
all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, 
once and for all on Him, 
for He cares for you affectionately and cares for your watchfully. 
1 Peter 5:7

I'm not just laying the unknown down.  I'm more like chucking it forcefully.  The only sure-fire way I can prepare for the future is to put my whole hope in the Lord.  Every single one of my worries may come true.  And I may be found completely unprepared if they do.  But one thing is for sure...I know the One who knows it all.  And I trust that anything that comes my way can be used for His Glory. 

What are those things that keep you awake at night?  What can you do to throw it down once and for all?

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