Saturday, March 2, 2013

{day fourteen} at the foot of the cross i lay down my long distance friendship...

When you and your other half hop a jet plane, heading for the very place you left your heart three days ago, you can still feel as if you are leaving your heart in the very place you depart.

These past three days have been nothing short of refreshing.  My heart has been full to the brim and overflowing with happiness.  I was reunited with my best friend, my soul mate, for a birthday surprise.  

And as my heart leaps with joy over seeing my baby girl, it sinks in sadness at leaving my best friend.  

While I know to the core of my being that no amount distance will change our relationship, it isn't until you are face-to-face that you feel the enormous distance that separates your bond.  Ours is a friendship that will endure through the ages.  And no amount of miles or time or silence will change it.  

I soaked up every single second of every single moment this trip.  I loved on babies, big and small.  I sipped coffee until it warmed my toes {and heart}.  My heart and soul refueled on girl talk and giggles.  I stuffed it all in until it begged to ooze out.

As we arrived at the airport, the tears threatened to overflow.  But it wasn't until I was safely inside the sliding glass doors that I allowed the weight of the absence to wash over me.  

Long after I arrive home and unpack my luggage, I will continue to unpack the memories.  Savoring them until the next time I can replace them with more.  

Today, as I wait to board my flight, I gingerly approach the Cross and lay down my long distance relationship.  I stay awhile and allow the warmth of His love to grace my face.  I thank Him for the blessing of this trip.  Of this friendship.  Of this family.  I pray that the time that separates only continues to strengthen our union.

How far would you travel to surprise your best friend?  

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