Wednesday, March 20, 2013

deuce deuce, baby...

Oh my sweet, sweet Harper!  You are 22 months old today. 

The morning greeted you with more fever and a bad cough.  Yesterday, we followed up with Dr. Brown, the pediatric pulmonologist, and received the diagnosis we anticipated.  Seasonal asthma.  You were not thrilled to take a breathing treatment last night.  But you will be taking two a day from this point forward. 

You are growing by leaps and bounds. You weigh 28 pounds 11 ounces and you are 34 inches tall.  You are still wearing 24 months-2T clothes and a size 5 1/2 shoe.  And your hair is just long enough for two {lop-sided} pigtails.  SG even braided your hair Sunday night.  I swooned, of course!

You would sing and dance all day long, I believe.  You are playing more with your baby dolls now.  Every night you 'put them to sleep' by patting their backs and singing 'Jesus Loves Me.' 

Your latest food obsession is Cuties {teeny, tiny oranges}. Last night before supper, you ate three.  Three.  And wanted more, but they were all gone.  Oh, and you think it is a special treat when we mix half apple juice, half water.  You exclaim, 'Hmm, dat water good.'

Since Daddy is back in school, you believe that you had to do your homework when he is doing his.  You grab paper and crayons and set to work with a determination that is all too familiar.  It is absolutely precious!  You lay on your belly, with your tongue sticking out, working so hard on your homework.  I'm praying you will love school and be a great student, who loves to learn new things. 

Potty training is still in progress.  I'll leave it at that.

We are discovering more and more that you talk in your sleep.  All out conversations.  Most of the times your conversations are with friends from school.  It's sweet.  But at 3 o'clock in the morning, not so much.

With the warmer weather approaching, we have spent more time outdoors.  You love coloring with your sidewalk chalk or going for strolls in the neighborhood.  You and I had a date this past Friday night.  When we were leaving Target I casually asked what you wanted for supper.  Your reply made my heart skip a beat.  'Umm, Harper want chicken.  And rice.  And chip and dip.'  Well, we headed straight to Mi Tierra for a Mexican fiesta.  You make your mama so proud!

Harper, my love, each moment with you just gets better and better.  This stage you are in now is so much fun.  I love having conversations with you and hearing all about your day at school.  We have a ritual.  I pick you up from school and we talk about your favorite thing of the day.  Somedays it's Jesus.  Other days it's crackers.  But it warms my heart to see you find the blessings in your day.  You are my biggest blessing.  The past 22 months have filled me with so much joy.  My cup overflows, my sweet girl. 

I love you to Heaven and back!  Harper, you will always be the best thing in my eyes.

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