Monday, May 20, 2013

to my angel, on the occasion of her 2nd birthday...

It is said that a baby changes everything.  Ask me how I know that to be true.

Today is the day that changed everything for me.

Today is the day that I met you face to face for the first time.

Brace yourself.  These are the words that I will tell you over and over and over again on the occasion of your birthday.

But I remember vividly everything about the day you were born.  At 7:41 on a bright, hot, sunny morning, you drew your first breath.  And I haven't stopped watching the miracle of you draw breath since then.

I heard you cry and I felt my heart stop, if but for a mere moment.  You will always be the best gift I've ever been given.

The first time I kissed your cheek I knew. In that precious moment, I knew I would never stop kissing you.

We should have known from those first days in the hospital that you were going to be a noise maker.  You would grunt and squeal and wiggle around in the bassinet until we lifted you up into our arms.  It was then you would settle into a peaceful slumber.  Not much has changed in two years.  You are a child who longs for physical touch.  You adore getting bathed in hugs and kisses.  And you still sleep better when rooted right up under either daddy or me.  I suppose we should let you learn the beauty in sleeping alone, but there is time enough for that.  You won't always enjoy being right next to me.  I assume soak it up while I can.

I wrap you up in my arms each day and have to stop myself from squeezing so hard.  I've learned the beauty in why kangaroo mamas carry their joeys in pouches.  I could do the same.  Instead, I carry you in the very place I feel you best of all.  My heart.

There isn't a single thing I ever did to deserve you.  But I am forever humbled and honored that God chose me to be your mama.  You are most definitely my reward from above.  And I will spend the rest of our days honoring you.

Each day is a celebration of your life. But today, we get to pause and reflect and offer up sincere praises for your life.  And everything you have given us in these two years.  

You live life out loud, my angel.  You are in your happy place when all eyes are on you.  I pray you grow bold to what God calls you to.  And I pray each day you begin to hear His words over your life.  May you use your bubbly, outgoing personality to blaze a trail for the Kingdom.  May you draw people to Him by using your God-given talents.  And may you know that you will always be the most favorite thing about each of my days.

Happy 2nd birthday, my angel!  You are cherished and loved more than you could possibly understand.

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