Wednesday, May 15, 2013

your 5 senses...

Feel.  See.  Hear.  Smell.  Taste.

The five senses.  You have a little quirk about each one.

We are cut from the same fabric because you do not like your hands to get dirty.  For years I would not eat anything with my hands because I didn't want my fingers dirty.  You are the exact same way.  Needless to say, I don't foresee you baiting your own hook or camping or anything of the sort.

You see things with big excitement.  'Look, Mama!  A choo-choo train!'  Or 'Whoa! A puppy!'  The enthusiasm in your voice as you see the world around you delights me to no end.

You have a rather strong aversion to loud noises.  Such as, vacuum cleaners and hand dryers in public restrooms.  Whenever we stop for a potty break, you instantly scope out the walls for hand dryers.  If you spot one, you immediately ask for 'hanitizer'.  And you go into a tailspin when I pull out the vacuum cleaner.

A girly-girl you are.  Every morning you ask for perfume.  And you love to sniff my morning coffee.  A girl after my own sniffer.  I already envision afternoons of stopping to smell the roses and enjoying a cup of coffee.

You have a sweet tooth the size of Texas.  Another trait you inherited from your mama.  You believe dessert should be served first.  {Amen, sister}. You also have an infinity to foods with a little zing.  That you inherited from your daddy.  

As your mama, I now feel, see, hear, smell and taste things in a big way.  I could rub the soft, tender side of your hand for hours.  The smoothness has a way of calming my fears.  I see you and my heart skips a beat. Literally.  The sound of your voice is the sweetest melody I ever did hear.  The moment right before you drift off to sleep I bury my nose in the crook of your neck and slowly inhale.  The smell of you intoxicates me, my baby.  And your kisses are the best dessert ever.  I savor each and every single morsel.

You, my angel, are the best of everything all rolled into one bundle of sassy and cute!

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