Tuesday, May 14, 2013

6 ways I get lost in her eyes...

The very first time I saw them I felt as if I were drowning in a deep ocean blue.  I just gazed and gazed right through the windows of her soul until she fell back asleep.  What seemed like hours was more like minutes, I'm sure.

But nothing has changed since that first moment she opened her eyes to see what the world had for her.  Mine was the first face she saw.  I count my blessings for that God-wink.

Oh my girl, your eyes sparkle.  A cross between a topaz and a sapphire.  You get that from the Brown side of the family.  Take one look at your Pop-Pop and you'll understand.  The way your eyes catch the light always mesmerizes me.  I could search the reflection of your eyes for days and never get bored.

You see the big, wide world for the first time and you throw the windows wide open, letting it all in.  In those first glances, I experience it all for the first time all over again. It's been so much fun seeing the world through tiny lens the past two years.  Your world is painted pink.  That's because you say everything is pink.  The sky. The grass.  The sun.  Perhaps this is an indication that you have rose-colored glasses.  

When your eyes spill forth with evidence that you are sad or mad or scared, it seals the deal that you have Griggs blood pumping life to your veins.  Big, crocodile tears and nothing smaller.  Your eyes show the emotions of your heart.  They dance when you are happy and they flood when you are sad.  There is no in between.

You cover your eyes and think you have disappeared from sight.  'Where Harper?', you squeal.  You take great delight when we start 'looking' for you.  Then you uncover your eyes and say rather proudly, 'Here she am!'  I make you one promise.  I will never lose sight of you.  Never.  Pinky promise.

You blink like a butterfly batting her wings when you are stalling or searching for an answer.  'Harper, you ready to take a bath?'  I swear some nights you could take flight with how fast your lashes are going.  

Cheeks grabbed, lips puckered, you lean in for a kiss.  Green and blue meet.  And I feel like I am floating.  I cling to the sweetness of the moment and silently vow to always see you.  I mean, really see you.  To search your eyes for answers from your heart.  To see past the words and straight to the meaning.

I will always get lost in the deep ocean blue windows that share your soul.  Always, my angel.

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