Saturday, June 29, 2013

things i learned in june...

you've heard it said you learn something new everyday.

at thirty-four, i'm beginning to think it's true.

thought it would be fun to link up with emily to recap some of the things i learned in the month of june.  join me?  you're bound to discover you learned a great deal...

mothering a toddler draws you out of your comfort zone.  i've never been one to polish my nails wacky colors.  for the longest time i would only polish my toenails in a french manicure.  i wasn't until the last few years i would dare brave something in a safe shade of coral or pink.  but when my girl asked me to polish my nails the same as hers, i found myself looking at my seafoam green toes and laughing.  there's something freeing in seeing color on your toes...

for the first time ever {and just today, please note} i found myself walking around a pool in my bathing suit without a cover up or towel.  and i didn't once give it a second thought.  talk about freeing...whew!  i feel as if i can lighten up on myself and actually practice what i'm trying to instill into my daughter.

ice cream is my love language.  after a rather emotional few weeks, a family field trip to bruster's was just what the doctor ordered.  if you ever feel the need to tell me how much you love me, take me out for ice cream.  add a waffle cone and we're bound to be fast friends.  for life.

i'm fairly certain fruit snacks constitute a full fruit serving.  i tend to feel really healthy and all nutritious when i eat more than one pack.  the tropical flavors make me think, if but for a split second, that i'm on an island somewhere.  a true culinary delight.

i completely forgot to write thank you notes for my birthday this year.  i felt guilty for like two seconds.  then, i moved on.  but don't be surprised if you get one in a few weeks.  obviously it's still bothering me just a smidge.

i succombed to the pressure and caved to the candy crush saga.  hospital waiting rooms will make you do crazy things.  not sure how long all the hype will last, but for now, i can hardly wait to advance to the next level.

speaking of hospital waiting rooms, i rediscovered that my extended family will descend in droves when one of our own is in need.  it was like a mini reunion with all my cousins and aunts.  i love it!something about spending time with women you adore makes long days more bearable.

i might be a little obsessed with my new vacuum cleaner.  the fresh lines in my carpet make me a little too giddy.  that's not normal, right? 

i shucked corn.  let me repeat-i shucked corn!  y'all, that is totally not my cup of tea.  i may have squealed when i came upon a little crawly thing inside the husk.  ewww!  but i managed to shuck all eight ears.  shucked, washed, blanched, bagged and frozen.  i'm a regular farm girl.

what new things did you learn this month?  do share.

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