Saturday, June 15, 2013

to the man who makes me weak in the knees..

nothing threatens to make a mama come completely unglued than a daddy who adores his children.

i don't know a women whose knees don't buckle when watching her man love like none other on babies that are the best part of the two them combined.

i have moments when i wonder how in the world i ever got so lucky.  i live life beside a man who adores his kids like they were the best thing this side of heaven.  he pours into them and soaks up the moments like they could end at any moment. 

his boy--the one who looks a bit like him when the light reflects a certain way, the one who acts just like him, the one who will never fully understand the weight of his namesake--captivates this man of mine like no one else can.  they throw the ball into the setting sun and talk strategy and game all day long.  they are best buddies, these two.  not much else matters when these two are together.


his girl--the baby girl, the one who looks exactly like him no matter the bend of the light, and the one who acts just like him, all bubbly and friendly and never-meet-a-stranger personality--loves him like there is no tomorrow. he is her prince.  he hangs the moon and makes her laugh and gives her the best kisses in the world.  he colors with her and blows bubbles in the front yard until the lightning bugs come out to play.  he looks at her as if she were the most beautiful girl he's ever seen.  and he'd be right.

this man of mine is one good daddy.  and i couldn't be luckier to stand by his side, all weak in the knees, and watch him love his kids like there's no tomorrow.  i feel like God winked right at me and smile when He sent this man to me.  we clasp hands and walk this journey together, loving our kids and loving each other, while loving Jesus most of all.

happy father's day, man of mine.  i love you to the stars and back!

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