Monday, June 17, 2013

monday morsels...

who doesn't like reading random little tidbits of information about people?  it's like a nosy little glimpse into the window of their life.   for a naturally inquisitive, highly curious individual, such as myself, i adore learning more about the people around me.  i venture to say i would have made an exceptional private investigator.  i'm all magnum, p.i. and everything.

these are bound to leave you inspired.  more knowledgeable.  better equipped. except they won't.  they may, however, give you a little insight into the life of me.

1.  i can't swim.  almost drown when i was a wee little lass.  thus, i steer clear of water that is deeper than my waist.  and i steer clear of all water where i can no longer see my toes.  makes trips to the beach more about the sun and less about the sea. 

2.  due to some insightful chats during vbs last week, i have started my very own bucket list.  i'm up to #46, with lots more to add.  i'm finding that i am a pretty boring individual.  i mean, who can't naturally come up with 100 things they want to do, see, etc.  i'm struggling in the worst way.  i might as well go ahead, retire, and head for the nearest assisted living community.  where all my daily activities can be dictated by someone else. 

3.  somewhere around 2005, i lost a bit of myself.  this realization was made just this month.  around the same time that i discovered how boring i am.  i've set out in pursuit of finding where in the world i may have misplaced this little bit.  i'll be sure to keep you in the loop should it be uncovered.

4.  this weekend i learned that a strapless tankini top does not bode well for chasing a toddler around a splash pad.  nor do the thighs that rub together.  i do, now, fully understand why most mamas opt for full coverage bathing suits when babies are still babies.  there is less tanning and more running done during this time.  i best resign myself to awkward tan lines for the moment instead of fooling myself into believing that tanning is still an option.

5.  in full disclosure of my ocd tendencies, i must confess that i was absolutely giddy over using my new vacuum cleaner last night.  the nice little lines in the carpet made me such a happy girl.  i can hardly wait to do it again tonight.

6.  i'm slightly obsessed with this picture from yesterday.  it's just a bit too much precious.  i can hardly stand how darn pretty these two are {i make no apologies for the bias}.  i keep looking at this snapshot over and over again because it makes my heart skip a beat.

7.  on the way back from the beach on saturday, i was pulled over for speeding.  in the parking lot of the florence flea market.  it was a rather comical scene.  first, i didn't know where my registration was because this would make only the second time i've ever been pulled over.  second, the commotion caused my sweet tot to arouse from a peaceful slumber, causing a less-than-peaceful reaction.  third, i innocently remarked to my thirteen year old niece that i was not setting a good example for when she starts driving.  the sheriff's deputy politely gave me a warning.  i cried.  what an undeserved blessing.  counting it as grace, my friends.  nothing but grace.

8.  as of this morning, i had gained 2.2 pounds since last tuesday.  it's true what they say.  salt makes you retain weight.  i'm blaming the additional baggage on the salt air.  it has nothing to do with my food choices.  i'm certain of it.

9.  my favorite meal {ever} consists of fried pork chops, rice and stewed tomatoes, macaroni and cheese and fried okra.  we feasted on it all, but the fried okra, yesterday for father's day.  and i learned a little trick.  a cup of vinegar in the room will soak up the fried smell.  all lickety-split, like.  makes for a happy girl when your house doesn't reak of the culinary delight of hot grease.

10. i want a claw-foot tub. surrounded my lots and lots of candles.  i'm pretty sure this would be my happy place.  but alas, sharing a bathroom with a tot is not conducive to such awesomeness.  so i settle for bath toys, bubbles that smell like bubble gum, hello kitty toothbrushes, and berry blast toothpaste.  i find joy there too.

11. i ate the last of the honey-butter at the restaurant friday night.  my child was not happy.  she shared her unhappiness in sunday school yesterday.  i was mortified. and felt a little fluffy after being told the story.  except that i immediately remembered that i had just tanned on the beach.  leaving me feeling skinnier for the recollection.  because we all know that tan fluff is way better than white fluff.

12. my girl ate three pieces of gum she found in her bubby's room yesterday.  no doubt, on the floor.  i'm certain of it.  i know the old wives' tale about it taking seven years for bubblegum to digest is bunk.  therefore, this should make for a interesting week.  if you know what i mean.

i'm certain your life is better for knowing these interesting tidbits.  morsels, if you will.  no need to thank me.  truly, you are welcome. 


  1. "Tan fluff is better than white fluff." TRUTH! I'll be claiming it all week!

  2. Whitney, my friend, that truth is straight from the Gospel. Jesus told me so ;)