Saturday, July 6, 2013

for when a mama's heart breaks...

for the record, i am fully aware that this post will probably not win me many points in the popularity category.  i'm okay with that. 

as the mama of a tiny girl, my heart breaks.   not only for my sweet girl, but for so many little girls who go before her.  and for the little girls who are coming up behind my sweet lass.

yesterday afternoon, i had a conversation with a dear friend who is raising a teenager and a tween.  listening to the girl drama, that apparently starts much earlier, i truly felt my heart splinter into a million little pieces. 

and then just today, i had another conversation with a mama friend who is experiencing the same troubles with her teen.

our society is dictating that our girls grow up too fast. 

girls are wearing make-up too soon.  the clothes are getting skimpier and skimpier. and please don't get me started on the bathing suits. technology is ruling the world, with small girls posting thousands of pictures on instagram and tweeting messages and lying about their age to have a facebook page. our children are watching tv programs and movies with content too mature for their feeble thinking. 

and we are allowing it to happen without putting our foot firmly on solid ground.

as parents, and more importantly, as followers of Christ, we don't have to give in to society.  we can stop allowing society to dictate to our daughters that they must grow up at warped speed. 

growing up at warp speed will only lead to struggles with self esteem and self worth.  ask me how i know.

i shutter to think my girl will make the same mistakes i did.  i know she will make mistakes.  i know her heart will break.  but everyday, i pray he creates a pure heart in my sweet girl. 

not a single one of us leaves this world without scars.  gracious knows, i have my fair share.

but i will go down fighting to keep my daughter from getting scars.

that means, i refuse to allow her to wear clothes that make her look older than she is.  i refuse to allow her to wear make-up too soon.  i refuse to allow her to use any kind of social media before she is old enough to understand the repercussions and consequences of such. 

i refuse to allow her to grow up too quickly.

what age are these things appropriate?  i don't know.  i continue to pray for discernment and peace with the parenting decisions we will be faced with. 

for the girls ahead of my daughter, i cover you in prayer.  i want jesus to speak so loudly to your hearts that you head straight to him and clothe yourself in attire more fashionable than anything you dare find at the mall.  i hope you tune your ear to the One who sings over you when the rest of the world is shouting for you to grow up already.

as difficult as it may be, for my girl or any girl who turns to me with struggles and issues, i promise to be honest and transparent.  i promise to bare my scars so you can see visible consequences to bad decisions.  i promise not to hide behind polite answers.  i promise not to tell you that it is okay you made the wrong decision.  instead, i promise tough love washed in truth.

truth will never lead you astray. 

i promise you that growing up is not nearly as glamorous as the world portrays.   and i guarantee that the sooner you get here, to this place where the society tells you have to be, the longer you have to endure the hardships that come with being grown. 

there is a place to run.  a place to seek shelter.  a place for you to hide your innocence and remain safe from the storms of growing up to soon.

seek shelter, my sweet girls.  run for cover as if your very life depended on it.  and when you find yourself safe under the wings of protection, call out to the girls behind you so they, too, can find their way. 

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