Wednesday, July 3, 2013

when encouragement arrives at just the right time...

words haven't come as easy these past few weeks.  as hard as it is to admit, my ear has been bent a little closer to the nagging, incessant all-but-shouting of the one who wants to devour me alive. 

the one who tells me over and over and over that i don't have anything worthy to share.  the one who does his best to convince me that my voice doesn't matter. 

i've listened intently for the past couple of weeks.

when i find myself reading other bloggers i follow, i'm more inclined to believe the lies. women blazing a trail so bright to glory i can't help but see Jesus' face in every syllable they share. 

women like beth moore and jen hatmaker.  boo mama and big mama.  lysa and lisa-jo.  ann voskamp and angie smith.  emily freeman and kelly.

comparison will sucker punch you every time.  leaving you gasping for air.  and believing a lie.  comparison will pull the rug out from under you.  leaving you flailing for solid footing.  and believing a lie.  comparison will blind you from the path set before you.  leaving you wandering in the wilderness.  and believing a lie.  comparison will hi-jack your prayers.  leaving you pondering what to do.  and believing a lie.

always believing a lie.

the prince of air is nothing but the father of lies. 

for the past couple of weeks, i forgot that i was called to this dark, dusty corner of the world-wide web to boldly proclaim the name of jesus.  i forgot that this calling isn't found in the number of people that read my words or like my posts.  i forgot that it isn't about me at all. 

the loving, kind, encouraging words that dropped in my facebook inbox this afternoon spoke truth to my heart.  her words, no doubt, came straight from the One who called me to this place here.

am i now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of god?
or am i trying to please people?
if i were still trying to please people,
i would not be a servant of Christ.
galatians 1:10

this friend, a jesus girl if you did meet one, and her words broke through the lies and spoke words as sweet as honey to my soul

like hannah in the temple, i pour out my prayers to god.  i humbly want to serve him with a pure heart.  a heart that burns with a fiery passion for him.  a heart that desperately wants others to seek his truth and experience his love. 

i pour out my words as an offering to him.  confident they will fulfill his purpose.

so when you find yourself buried under the paralyzing weight of comparison, reach at your hand, grip tightly to truth and allow me to share some of the same encouraging words i received today. 

you are a grand design with a grand purpose.  unique and beautiful, just where you are for just what you were called to do.  it will look differently from that of others.  it will feel different.  and there will be days when you second guess whether it is actually your calling or not.  but remember, the lies will always be louder than the still, small voice.  tune your ear to the faint voice of the One who speaks reassurance to your soul.

may you refuse the lies that scream in our faces at every turn.  may you tune your ear to the stillness; the voice that pours encouragement into your soul.  may you trust the one who calls you and believe that he has fully equipped you for the path set before you. 

and may you know you are beautiful and loved and worthy.  jesus told me so.

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