Tuesday, July 30, 2013

to my only nephew...

the first time i met him, he crawled right up in my lap and let me read him a story.  i breathed in that blonde hair and instantly feel in love.

i suppose it was later when he told his uncle that i was his girlfriend.  his family tends to have good taste in women.  the affection was mutual. 

this boy, who stole a piece of my heart, all those years ago turns eleven today.  it seems like just yesterday we were cuddling on the blue sectional reading stories.  of course, we don't discuss the time i stole one of his french fries.  it's still a touchy subject.  {but he has gotten way better a sharing in his old age!}

i wasn't sure what to do with a nephew.  nieces are my forte. 

but this boy, the one who stole a piece of my heart, has battled his short life.  he fights for air.  and always comes out victorious.  he punches stones and makes them crumble.  and he continues to face trials with a heart of gold.  a heart that gladly brings home treats for everyone.  a heart that loves that jesus.  a heart that prays courageously.  a heart that loves people. 

this boy, the one that stole a piece of my heart, has a heart that grown-ups can only hope to have.  a heart that shares and loves and gives freely.  a heart that loves his {only} aunt like only he can. 

yes, this boy, the one that stole a piece of my heart, turns eleven today.  but he still gives hugs like that night all those years ago when crawled up in my lap and stole my heart. 

happy birthday, my only nephew!  i'll always be your first girlfriend.  love you more than you know...

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