Wednesday, July 31, 2013

things i learned in july...

last month i linked up with emily to share the things i learned in june.
as a natural-born lover of learning, i find myself compelled to share the things i learned this month.  most of it will be riveting and captivating.  except,  it probably won't be all that riveting and captivating.  mostly it is things i learned about myself or quirks that have always been there and i'm just getting around to noticing....

life tends to be better with sparkles.  having a toddler teaches you there is a little bit of sparkle in all of us.  sparkles are fun and pretty.  and teach us not to take life too seriously.

my mood is always a little brighter when i spend the day with my favorite stylist.  you see, i was born a blond.  it happens to be my natural color.  so, i spend a lot of time trying to maintain my natural color.  it makes all of us happier when i'm blond.


 wiffle bats are great for protecting you from things that go bump in the night.  but they are way better at making you giggle yourself back to sleep.

let's just say i had no business giving in to this.  no. business. whatsoever.  i fear i need a support group.  what in the world was i thinking?!!
hard as i try, there are some days she is just not all that impressed by me.  i don't get it.  at all.  i think i'm a pretty cool chic.  at least to a toddler.  i discovered she feels differently.  at least sometimes.
blessings are found in bubbles.  true story.  i'll tell you about it sometime.
not a good idea for a five o'clock pick me up.  that is, unless you want to stay picked up until the wee hours of the morning.  bless.  won't do that again.
i've always been more of an ice cream gal.  but just in the last week or two, i've discovered a deep affection for Hawaiian ice.  especially blue raspberry.  i'm a fan!
speaking of ice cream, i fear the love of it is genetic.  my girl knows how to swindle her nana into taking her out for ice cream quicker than anything.  compliments aren't necessary.  i know i'm raising her right.
this will never get old.  God is so awesome, isn't He?!!  He paints with the coolest colors.



 what did you learn new this month?  share with me.


  1. Great list, fun and serious, challenging and funny. I have to watch out for Starbucks late in the day too - could relate to that one. And clouds, water colors in the sky, never ever tire of those!

  2. This was a fabulous post -- very fun!
    I made blueberry crisp on Saturday, and it turned my lips blue.... I was not, however, brave enough to post a picture.

    Your daughter is a cutie :)

    Stopping by from Emily's tonight.

  3. What a beautiful picture of the sky!

    And...sparkles do make everything better!

    p.s. This Toddler parenting is hard! I've got a 28 month old and an almost 16 month old. These toddler years are difficult!

  4. What a fun and friendly post. I wish I could write in smaller snippets like that! The sky pic is beautiful. Caffeine makes me stay up crazy late too!

  5. Loved your list. Enjoyed the picture of you and your daughter. My daughter is not always impressed with me either. Of course, she is 18.