Tuesday, July 23, 2013

to the princess, on the occasion of your baby boy....

dearest princess,

did you feel your heart grow to mammoth proportions the moment you first gazed at his face?  i imagine you did.

welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood, sweet princess.

but allow me to share a bit of truth with you.  he is a prince regardless of his bloodline.  he is a child of the One, True King.  while he may rule a country one day, his eternal bloodline promises him an even mightier Kingdom. 

trust me when i tell you, a mama's heart can break and mend a million different times in the same day.  i'm only a few miles ahead of you on this journey.  and i have battle scars to prove the breaking and mending.

the world is hungry to watch your little prince grow up.  don't get caught up in the hype of being a princess mama. instead, keep your eyes focused on Him, as He directs your steps. 

it is okay if hours are lost before you realize you have spent the better part of the day gazing at his face.  take pictures as if you might miss something.  because rest assured, you will.  life moves fast and babies don't keep.

don't be in such a hurry to regain your pre-pregnancy shape that you lose the moment of relishing the feeling of new mommy.  before you know it and with your head still spinning and your heart still reeling, your baby will be blowing 2 candles out on a cake.  or 12.  or 22.

i'm guessing that even princes will tell you are mean.  and they might even stick their tongues out at princess mamas. princes probably will spill all their bath water onto the floor before a princess mama can blink.  and i imagine princes will only eat goldfish and grapes for supper one night.  and i suppose that princess mamas will resort to bribery to get little princes to smile for the camera.

toddler tantrums show no favoritism.  i learned that the hard way.

princess mamas will cry over skinned knees.  and lack of sleep. the sheer exhaustion of birthing and laboring does not end.  no, a mama writhes in pain her whole life long.  shaping and molding and raising tiny babies takes deliberate effort.   becoming a mama is tough work. 

it is completely normal for you to want to resign from motherhood on occasion.  this is a tough gig.  one not to be taken lightly.  and certainly not one to journey alone, apart from the One who gave you the best gift of all. 

i've heard that sipping tea behind a closed bathroom door while soaking in a hot bath washes away the long, endless days of whys and name-calling and temper tantrums.  i suggest you tuck that secret safe in your arsenal for the days when you want to run out the front door. 

above the bumbo seats and the exersaucers and the stroller rides, your little prince craves gentleness and kindness and patience.  love.  joy.  and peace.  with a super, extra dose of self-control. 

mamas the world 'round need an extra dose of self-control.  especially when crayons mysteriously appear on your kitchen walls.  or when tiny tots color their fingers with markers.  and more so when the side chalk is considered more of a snack and less of a means of entertainment.

your little prince needs good fruit planted into his heart.  from an ocean away, this mama is praying for the King to start whispering promises straight to his soul.  asking for Him to create a pure heart in your little prince.

from one mama to another, praying mightily for you to grow bold to this ministry He called you to.  it is far greater than any calling you can imagine.  the Kingdom awaits, dear princess.  and your little prince needs you to show him the way...

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