Saturday, July 20, 2013

when another piece of the puzzle fell into place...

what is that thing that leaves you writhing with hunger pains?  the thing that you reach for to quench your thirst? 
acceptance.  popularity.  notoriety.  recognition.
money.  cars.  vacations. clothes. 
each on of us is born with an eternal hunger.  a thirst unquenchable but by One. 
we seek and strive for things of this world to satisfy the longing.  and we always end up hungrier.  thirstier.  for more.  the very things we filled our lives with to satisfy the void wind up leaving us emptier. 
have you ever noticed?
gracious, i have.  i did, in fact.  about nine years ago, i stopped dead in my tracks and realized all my futile attempts to fill the void left me flailing and gasping for more.  more stuff.  more friends.  more acceptance. 
yet nothing filled the gaping hole i felt in my soul. 
when i tuned my ear to the whispering that had been there all along, the hole began to grow smaller. 
over four years ago, on my knees and desperate for Him, i asked for a burning passion to consume me for Truth.  since then, He has revealed pieces of what that looks like for kingdom glory.  i've bravely shared some of that here.  in a space where my thoughts make sense.   a place where my heart feels at home. 
just last sunday, after worship with a heart full of praise, he revealed another tiny piece of this calling he has placed on my life.  a new friend asked me to pray about and consider doing something.  the knocking on my heart told me this request was straight from Him.  i obeyed.  i agreed to help my friend. 
i've spent much time in prayer this past week.  asking Him to reveal what this will look like.  slowly, it is starting to take shape.  i'm walking slowly, eyes focused above, seeking the One who called me to this place for this good work.
i covet your prayers that only His perfect truth be shared.  camping on his promise that truth never returns void.  bolding asking and confidently trusting that He begins to cultivate the soil of the hearts that will feast on daily manna and living water.  may the seeds fall on rich, vibrant ground.  and may juicy, abundant fruit take root,sprout life and burst forth for all to see. 
will you join me in prayer over the next couple of weeks? 
while everything may seem vague to you now, i promise i will share where He leads me here. 
pray for wisdom and discernment for me to lean into Him as i prepare.  pray for the hearts of those who it will be shared with. 
praise him for using the messy.  the broken.  the selfish.  the impatient.  the ill-equipped.  amen.

let them praise the Lord for his great love
    and for the wonderful things he has done for them.
for he satisfies the thirsty
    and fills the hungry with good things.
psalm 107:8-9

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