Monday, August 26, 2013

a letter to all the girls i know...

dear sweet girl,
i hear the screams of the world.  i know the annoyingly loud lies that echo incessantly around every turn.  they are on every magazine cover.  every headline.  every television program.  even walking the school halls.  these lies lurk on our newsfeeds.  and instagram posts.  they are tweeted and retweeted. 
there was a time when i actually believed the lie.
i remember wishing my thighs were small enough to wear the really short shorts like all my girlfriends.  i remember wishing my tummy was just flat enough to wear the tube top or spaghetti strap tank top.  i remember trying on bikinis and staring into the dressing room mirror long enough, as if i could wish my body frame smaller. 
i still remember killing myself to fit into a certain size in an effort to wear clothes with less fabric.
i believed my worth was found in how much skin i could bare.  the less i wore, the more i wanted to crawl out of my skin. 
turns out, the less thread count in the garment, the weaker you are. 
girl, we crave attention.  all kinds of attention.  but, wearing less clothes and baring it all, does not make guys like you more. it makes you desperate.  it makes you vulnerable.   it makes you a stumbling block. 
trust me when i tell you, acceptance and worth are not determined by twitter followers or instagram likes or facebook friends.  no amount of selfies will ever capture your true worth.   there isn't a single picture of puckered lips that will ever make you feel as wonderful as you really are.
and no amount of followers will ever equal the One beckoning you to follow Him. 
sweet girl, you are worthy of so much more.  you are worthy of a Kingdom. 
modesty really is attractive. 

you can be in the world and not be of the world.   listen to that still, small voice whispering quietly in your heart.  guiding you to what is true and good and pure. 

just because your friends are wearing it or watching it or doing it, doesn't mean you have to. 

if it makes you uncomfortable in your own skin, chances are it will lead you down a path of darkness and despair.  a path that leads to nowhere.  a path that leaves you walking a trail of mistakes and regrets. 

set yourself apart from this world.  consecrate yourself, precious girl. 

watch and see all the wonderful things He will do through you.  things you wouldn't believe, even if you were told.

then joshua told the people, “make yourselves pure.
tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among us.”
joshua 3:5

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