Thursday, August 22, 2013

lessons from the waiting room of a dance studio...

there was a time when sitting in tiny room full of women would have made my heart race, my palms sweat and all reasonable thinking to disappear into thin air.  i would have spent the entire time feeling less than. unworthy.   
this evening was different.
i caught a glimpse of confidence so big it took my breath away.  my lips quivered and tears begged to spill forth.  i shook my foot hard to keep from falling apart.
my girl, bearing her dance attire and backpack, proudly marched into class for the first time without knowing a soul.  she looked as if she owned the place.  she acted like she was amongst her closest friends.  and then, as if on second thought, she turned around and blew me a kiss.
the door shut.  and i was left with all the other mamas.  waiting.
earlier this week, i received a message from a group of women.  women that hold a common thread.  women, who at first glance, may not necessarily have anything in common.  a part of my life from long ago.  i joined this group of women as to belong. to feel connected.  tethered to other girls on a big campus. i gathered with them each week feeling out of place and uncomfortable.  like an outsider always looking in.  sure i made friends.  but i was always still looking to fit in.  still wanted to feel as if i belonged. 
now an alumni, this campus group in my hometown, was needing help.  what should they say to other women wanting to join their group?
i pondered their request in my heart for days. 
this evening, as i watched tiny girls in sweet tutus dance in and out of the waiting room, the words churned in my heart.  words that i want to plant deep into the hearts of tiny girls.  words that i pray take root and sprout Truth.
girls, be yourselves.  always.  don't settle for a fake version of you.  don't believe all the junk the world tries to shove down your throat.  just be you.  march forward as if you don't have a single thing to be afraid of.  because there is One that goes before and prepares the way.  the same One that hedges you from behind.  He's got your back, girl!
girls, never be afraid to make new friends.  always speak kindly to the girls around you.  rest assured, most of them are feeling like they don't belong.  they just want someone to notice them.  they won't always look like you.  they won't always be approachable.  but speak anyway.  keep connecting with girls.  we need each other in this life.  we need other girls to hold us up when we can't seem to find our footing.  we need other girls to lift us up when don't know which way is up.  and we need other girls to know we are not alone in this big, mean world.  we all have something in common, whether we notice it or not.
girls, make your words count.  always speak in a way that builds others up.  never make someone feel less than.  every girl you meet was handcrafted by the same One who handcrafted you.  each one a unique masterpiece.  find the beauty in every face you see.  and speak love straight to their hearts.  shine bright so they can see Him. 
i didn't always understand these things.  especially not as a college girl in a small town on a campus that felt much bigger to a girl who seemed so small.  a girl who filled herself up on things that she thought would make her belong.
turns out, she was oh so wrong.  she belonged the whole time.
but not to a group a women.  to someOne who was enthralled with her just the way she was.
she came out of her first dance class with the biggest smile on her face.  and we dashed into the rain, giggling the whole way to the car.  because when you are tethered to the One who loves you beyond compare, you no longer fear getting swept away in the storm.

Lord, who can live in your holy tent?
    who can live on your holy mountain?
only those who live pure lives, do what is right,
    and speak the truth from their hearts.
 such people don’t say bad things about others.
    they don’t do things to hurt their neighbors.
    they don’t tell shameful things about those close to them.
they hate those who fail to please God
    and honor those who respect the Lord.
if they make a promise to their neighbor,
    they do what they promised.
if they loan money to someone,
    they do not charge them interest.
and they refuse to testify against an innocent person,
    even if someone offers them money to do it.
whoever lives like this will always stand strong.
psalm 15

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