Wednesday, August 7, 2013

for the time when your skin finally fits...

for the first time ever, i finally feel like i fit in my own skin.  i'm less worried about my skin rubbing together in uncomfortable places.  and more caught up in making memories that last far longer than the chafing.

beach vacations mean you spend most of your days in your bathing suit.  you spend a lot of time digging in the sand and making umpteen trips to the water to fill sand buckets.  you spend a good deal of time chasing fearless toddlers, giggling the whole way down to the surf.

on a party cloudy day spent along the coast, i realize my skin finally fits.  and i'm comfortable with the way it was shaped just for me.  by the One who doesn't make mistakes. 

there is something about having a girl that helps you accept who you are in Him.

without using words, i'm teaching her to love the masterpiece she is.  by learning to finally appreciate His handiwork over my own life, i'm showing her how to accept her beauty.  i'm showing her that worth is not tied to bathing suit size or the shape of her thighs. 

as i watch her splashing and frolicking, i stand amazed.  i pray she is always comfortable with who He created her to be.  i pray her skin fits her well.  i pray she doesn't waste a moment comparing herself to other women on the beach.  i pray she seeks who she is in the One who created her.

this skin of mine has been stretched and distorted to  fit shapes never created for me.  and then it was stretched and distorted to bring forth life.  a shape that fits me well. 

at the end of this life, shape doesn't matter. 

sure, this is the one area that satan attacks me over and over and over again.  but the battles are short. 

there is One who has fought hard to tell me my worth is found in Him.  and i keep leaning closer and closer into His promise, holding on to the very Hands that created me.

and as i cling to Him, i hold her hand and we walk towards the surf together.  splashing and digging and searching for His wonder the whole way.

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