Monday, August 12, 2013

on a night when understanding is lost...

more and more often the things of this world don't make sense. 

sitting in a meeting this morning, on my first day back to work from vacation, i received a text message from a dear friend.  i did my best to place the name she was inquiring about.  it was so familiar.  and yet, i couldn't remember.  i texted my husband.  his hound dog ways uncovered the mystery within minutes. 

and my heart broke.

i am reminded {yet again} that we are never fully aware of what happens behind another's front door. 

we all wear facades.  we walk out our front door wearing our pretty masks and pretending like life couldn't be better.  and yet, we return to what lies behind the front door.  never letting on that life is one big mess. 

whether we ever remove our masks for others to see, we must own up to the mess in our lives.  gracious knows, i'm nothing but a big, hot mess.  every day, i have to make a conscious decision to renew my mind. 

a heaviness blankets my heart tonight as i grasp for words to make sense of it all.  as i pray for understanding, i also ask for peace knowing that understanding may never come this side of eternity. 

i am filled with an urgency.  and urgency for myself.  and for all those around me. 

my heart was quickly drawn back to the message my pastor spoke on yesterday.

i have to get dressed and be ready.

not only ready to spend eternity with my King.  but ready to tell others about Him.  ready {and willing} to obey.  ready to go where He leads me.  ready to move out of my comfort zone.  ready to face opposition.  ready to hold other accountable {and be held accountable!}. 

i'm learning more that armor is way more fashionable than the cute maxi dress and thong sandals. 

in the blink of an eye, time slips through our fingers.

will you join me in prayer for time cut short? 

may we arise from our slumber.  put on the full armor of Christ.  and be ready.  may we boldly march straight for the front lines and do battle for the Kingdom.  in Jesus name.

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