Monday, August 19, 2013

the most boring bucket list you ever did see...

earlier this summer, during vacation bible school, i had a very intriguing conversation with some girlfriends.  apparently, they all had bucket lists.  summer bucket lists.  kids bucket lists. 

everyone had a list of some sort. 

i got to work. and it was grueling.  i discovered i'm a fairly boring individual.  and despite my best efforts, i could not come up with 100 things on my bucket list. 

no where close. 

but, i do have some good things on the list.  things that are my heart's desire.  things that i should have tried long ago. 

so, without further delay, in no particular order, i share with you my riveting bucket list.   no need to chuckle...i am comfortable in the fact that i am a rather sheltered, less than interesting gal.  but i have a whole list to change that...

{1}  visit new york city
{2}   read every book of the Bible
{3}   write a book
{4}   make a mark for the Kingdom
{5}   go on a mission trip
{6}   attend a symphony concert
{7}   take up photography
{8}   run a 5k
{9}   take a dance class
{10} learn to play piano...again!
{11} visit the grand canyon
{12} get soaked at niagara falls
{13} star gaze
{14} speak at a women's event
{15} travel to another continent
{16} learn to sew
{17} attend a murder-mystery dinner
{18} plant a garden
{19} learn to swim
{20} go to a movie alone
{21} make homemade ice cream
{22} paint a blank canvas
{23} hike
{24} camp out with my family...for at least 24 hours!
{25} go fishing
{26} chase fireflies
{27} see a broadway production...on broadway!
{28} go to the top of the empire state building
{29} teach harper the beauty of steel magnolias
{30} write an article for she magazine
{31} run down the hill
{32} volunteer in my community
{33} read a tale of two cities
{34} go an entire year without buying myself clothes or shoes
{35} landscape my own yard
{36} ride one more rollercoaster
{37} take my kids to Washington, DC
{38} dance and splash in the rain
{39} chase a rainbow
{40} go horseback riding
{41} ride in a hot-air balloon
{42} send a hand-written note each day for a year
{43} sip tea
{44} host a shindig
{45} go to a drive-in movie
{46} snow ski
{47} have coffee with beth moore.  or ann voskamp.  or angie smith.  or lisa-jo baker.
{48} cruise the high seas
{49} limbo
{50} build a house
{51} go back to school
{52} learn to make ma's biscuits

there you have it.  52 things my heart desires.  and it took me all summer to figure it out. 

best get to work checking things off.


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