Wednesday, September 25, 2013

50 things i want my daughter to know...

she is the best part of my day.  and for all that i get wrong, there is so much i want to teach her.  truth i want to instill in her heart.  seeds i want to scatter amongst the fertile soil of her soul.  before the world has a chance to come along and devour her. 

mothering a baby girl is the best and hardest thing i could ever have imagined.  she delights me to no end.  leaving me delirious from the demands and sacrifice that come with the territory. 

this gift from above i have been entrusted with is worth all the trials and toils of pointing her in the direction of the Cross.  she has wildly and lavishly brought me more joy than i ever dreamed possible.

1.    never give up on the desire of your heart. 

2.    even on the days when you throw a hissy fit in your closet, there is One who is enthralled with    you.  just the way you are.

3.     laundry and dishes do keep.  little girls do not.

4.     dessert is best when eaten first.  always enjoy the sweeter portion with true delight.

5.     rhythm is not a necessity to dance.  but dancing makes for happy days.

6.     your hand will forever fit perfectly in mine.

7.     your words are important.  speak them out loud.  and always say what you mean.

8.     a boy who does not pursue Jesus will never be able to pursue you the way you deserve.

9.     your home will always be where i am.  forever and ever.

10.   girls are mean.  resist the urge to join them.  instead, shower them with kindness and goodness and gentleness.

11.   when your heart breaks, a canyon burrows its way through my soul ripping this mama's heart to shreds.

12.   you and i can face anything together. 

13.   we are a team.  even on the days you won't like me.  we share the same sidelines.  and battle for the same victory.

14.   the hands that knit you together never let go of you.

15.   laughter is best when accompanied with snorts.  snaughling.  that's what it's all about. 

16.   you have a lot to offer this world.  even on the days when you fail {and fail you will}, you still have a whole lot to offer.  keep giving. 

17.   coffee is best when savored over conversation with friends.

18.   friends that pray together stay together.

19.   there is a marked difference between a boy who flatters you and one who compliments you; a boy who spends money on you and one who invests in you.  seek the later.  that's how i wound up with your daddy.

20.  guard your heart.  do this by burying Truth deep within. 

21.   you make me happy when skies are gray.

22.   let your light shine.  you were created to burn bright.

23.   bad news is not to be feared.  place your confidence in the One who takes care of you. 

25.   you are, in fact, a princess.  wear your crown in a manner that glorifies the Kingdom.

26.   you are braver than you believer.  stronger than you seem.  and smarter than you think.

27.   no relationship is perfect.  always be willing to give as much as you want.

28.   beauty is found in a gentle, quiet spirit.  not all that garbage the world tries to shove down your throat.

29.   prince charming isn't real.  instead, give your heart to the prince of peace.  for he is your knight in shining armor who came to rescue you. 

30.   a smile is the most stylish accessory.

31.   the best way to avoid people talking about you behind your back is not to talk about people behind their backs.

32.   secrets are made to be held safe.  keep your word and secure secrets within the confines of your heart.

33.   remember who you are.  you are a blood-bought, redeemed daughter of the King.

34.   daddy will always love you better than any boy.

35.   no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

36.   steal a quick glance and you will see the good in everyone.  for all of us, with all our messes, were still created in His likeness.

37.   somedays you will shoulder-sob in your car.  and that's okay.  i am just a phone call away.

38.   i love you.  a bushel and a peck.

39.   every girl needs her mama to wrap her up in hugs and kisses.  some days require more than others. 

40.   there will come a day when you realize that mama knows best.  ask me how i know.

41.   be strong.  be courageous.

42.   true beauty radiates from a woman who boldly and unabashedly knows who she is in Christ.  hide yourself in the shelter of His wings.

43.   the mirror need not dictate the course of your day.

44.   nor should the number on the scale.

45.   chocolate is your friend.  i promise.

46.   before you were ever formed, you were set apart.  grow bold to who He created you to.

47.   color outside the lines.  splash in puddles.  let the ice cream drip down your chin.  some rules are made to be broken.

48.   never forget to praise Him for new mercies when the dawn breaks.

49.   but i can't help falling in love with you.  over and over and over again.

50.   for all the things i will get wrong with you, i did one thing right.  i loved you beyond compare.

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