Friday, September 20, 2013

who she is...

she was the girl who was always skinnier than me.  the girl who had a better fashion sense.  she wore makeup beautifully and laughed naturally.   she was smarter than me.  her wit and charm drawing a crowd. 

she was the one i never felt i measured up to.

that was then.

now, she is the one whose voice calms my soul and makes everything brighter. even if we are talking about interesting diapers and the joys of motherhood.  she is the one who made me a mama.  my bestest buddy and favorite girl.  she is the one who sits beside me in sunday school.  she scooches over closer and whispers hello.  all friendly and sincere.  she is the girl who thinks about me and my baby girl as she cleans out her closet and house.  every nook and cranny holding a new treasure for us to behold.  she is the one who gives up her saturday to help me decorate for my sister's birthday party.  because she knows i don't have a creative bone in my body, but i can take direction very well.  she is the new friend who sends a text message at just the right time.  leaving my heart secure that she loves me like Jesus does.  she is a woman after God's heart.  she is the girl who sends encouragement.  a co-worker who i never had the pleasure of befriending until after she went home to raise her family.  she is the dear soul who i had the pleasure of shouting praises in the parking lot this week when she called to tell me her mama was cancer free.  she is the one who wraps me up in mama bear hugs.  all ninety-six pounds of her.  she is the sister who has always had my back, even when she felt like kicking me in the backside.  she is the girl who can tell me more than i ever wanted to know about the latest boy band wonder. 

she is the friend i always wanted.  and never knew i would have.  she is my prayer partner.  she fights the good fight with me.  and for me.  she holds me up and picks me up and lifts me up.  before i even know i'm down and out.  she makes me laugh and lets me cry. 

she is six.  and eighty-two.  and every age in between.

she is my mama.  my sister.  my cousin.  my aunt.  my friends. my family. my nieces.  she is a mother-in-law who i dreamed to have.  she is my stink.  and my sweets. 

she is every woman i have the pleasure of knowing.

she makes me braver and bolder.  she is a gift from the Giver of all things good.  and she makes this life so much brighter.  because life without her wouldn't be near as sweet.

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  1. This is so beautifully written. I love how you show how you used to have insecurities compared to other "she's" but now you've learned that all the "she's" in your life can be learned from, and are gifts from God in one way or another. Love your blog. I'm new at this and need to learn how to add cute pics and graphics and even buttons on the side. I'll add you to my list of blogs to follow. Great job on your 5-minute Friday! God bless you. (PS - you do have creative bones in your body... you are a writer!) :)