Sunday, September 29, 2013

seven things i learned in september...

since i first linked up with emily a few months ago, i have enjoyed starting each month with a blank canvas.  searching for something new to learn.  something fresh to uncover. 

the inner nerd in me loves learning something new. 

here are just a few things i discovered this month...

the salted caramel frap from starbucks.  there are no words.  you can thank me later.  bonus tip for my hometown peeps:  the starbucks at 5-points makes it a whole lot better than the one at target.


i'm a genuine sucker for anything monogrammed.  heaven help me, i can't stop myself.  one thing is girl should never forget her name.  not surprised the first letter she learned to write or recognize was 'h'. 

bless it.  this was only a small portion of what i actually picked up from stitch-it.  and i already have another pile to drop off.  i may need an intervention.

when i actually put forth the effort, i can create something pinterest worthy.  case in point.

i give you milky way brownies.  this is what was left after a football gathering.  it could also explain why the dryer shrunk my pants. 

spending the day worshipping with my church family ranks right up there with Christmas morning for the kid in me.  gracious goodness, my heart was filled to overflowing after a day of music and fun.  with the vision of our sunday school teacher and his family, our class helped plan the first annual famjam at our church.  it was a blast in more ways than one!  i stand in awe at how the Holy Spirit moved during the event.  and even after the event.  can't wait to plan for 2014!

i was beyond blessed with about four hours of free time this past tuesday after work.  my husband took my girl to my boy's baseball game.  i had a late meeting at work that prevented me from going.  as i was leaving work, it was as if my car just drifted into the driveway at my parents' house.  i imposed and invited myself for supper.  and then, as if that wasn't a blessing enough, my diddy shared this with me.

my friend misty has an uncanny talent of creating a slice of heaven.  i had nearly forgotten because it had been so long.  how quickly i was reminded.  however, seconds were not allowed.  my diddy tends to be a little stingy when it comes to something this good.


'tis true that i am a Clemson tiger fan.  and 'tis true that i sport my colors with pride.  but orange just makes me happy.  it is hard to be around anything of this hue without feeling happier.  like red is a power color.  and blue is a soothing color.  orange is just a happy color.  i share this happiness with my girl every friday.  she's catching the fever.

an artist i am not.  i've never been the creative type.  my sister got that talent from my diddy.  my home is decorated courtesy of the two of them.  so, you can imagine my inner panic when my sunday school girls decided that our night out would be at an art studio.  have mercy, i haven't had that much fun in a long time.  i giggled like a little girl....mostly at myself.  but then again, those are the best kind of giggles.  you won't offend if you giggle too.

i, too, will laugh all the way to the bank when this beaut pads my bank account for life.  i mean, can't you just see it hanging in a museum?  i asked if the new museum in my hometown would like it.  but they didn't nibble on my offer.  i fear they are over budget.  that would explain no response, right?

what did you learn new this month?  something fresh you uncovered or discovered?

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