Monday, September 30, 2013

dress rehearsal jitters...

last year i journeyed on over to the nesting place and accepted a challenge.  choose a topic and write about it for 31 days.  straight.  in a row.

that's the hardest part.  finding time to put thoughts into words.  at least for me during this season of toddlerhood and mommyhood. 

i shared 31 days on the beauty of transparency.  on bearing the good, the bad, and the ugly in a effort to be real. 

i always wants to be real with you.

i want those of you who dare to cozy up at my house to know that i am big ol' mess of a gal.  a gal that loves Jesus with a fiery passion.  a gal covered by His grace. 

this year, i've accepted the challenge again. 

so, in all the transparency i can muster on this monday night, i tell you.  my hands are shaking.  my heart is quivering.  i'm a bit nervous.  excited and nervous. 

i pray you join me in this journey.  for He has laid something on my heart.  and i want to unfold it together.  i want carefully peel back the layers of this He has planted deep in my soul and peek at the beauty of His purpose for me.  for you. 

the house is clean.  the cushions on the couch are fluffed and ready.  and i promise to have coffee ready.  join me starting tomorrow, won't you?

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