Sunday, September 1, 2013

things i learned in august...

for the past few months i've enjoyed linking up with emily to share the things i've learned for the month.

most of the things i discover have not major impact.  except, sometimes they do. 

that's what learning is. You suddenly understand something
you've understood all your life, but in a new way.
~doris lessing

i have a tammy faye baker obsession with mascara.  always have.  i don't tend to go anywhere without it.  and after all these years, i discovered one that i adore.  i mean, i get a little too excited about using it each morning. 
there is an actual term for snorting when you laugh.  who knew?  not this gal.  and i do it all the time.  when something really tickles my funny bone, i give this embarrassing little snort.  and then i get tickled because i snorted.  and then i snort again.  it's a neat little cycle.  i thank my best friend for educating me on the term at 11 o'clock.  at night.  which cause snaughling to erupt at volumes inappropriate for said hour.
sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to refocus your heart on His abundant blessings. 
when you find yourself in a place where your feet don't touch the bottom, you learn to trust Him even more.  when you find yourself in a place where your child's feet don't touch the bottom, you realize she was His long before she was ever yours.
spending time with your best friend is always good for the soul. 
every day i learn another reason why this man was handpicked just for me.  i am forever grateful God ordained our marriage.  this man makes my heart skip a beat.  and then i start snaughling.
 no matter how hard you try to prepare your mama heart.  you will never be fully ready to see your baby walk into a new phase of her life.  never.  especially when she marches right in like she owns the place.  without so much as a second glance to see if you are okay.  you are never prepared for that.
watching a big brother teach his little sister makes a mama an emotional wreck.  which is why she sneaks a picture and then cries behind the front door.  and she prays that he never becomes too old or too cool to spend time with her.  and then she prays that the little girl will always looks up to her big brother and dream of finding a guy just like him {or her daddy!}.

tiny dancers make my heart flutter.  especially this one.  my gracious, i wasn't prepared how adorable she would be in tap shoes.  i also wasn't prepared for the noise that came from all the 'practicing'.  if you happened to hear some crazy woman snaughling in the shoe store, pay no mind.  it was just me having a moment over the pure sweetness of raising a little girl.
tucking truth in every corner of my home {and heart} makes for a happy girl.  ask me how i know.
what did you learn or discover this month?

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