Thursday, October 10, 2013

{day 10}::an answered prayer, part 2

i don't have a green thumb.  it is just one less thing i inherited from my talented diddy. 

i once killed ivy.  ivy!

true story.  tragically true.

i'm learning it has more to do with the soil and less to do with the seed that was planted.  such is true for this that has sprouted to life in my heart. 

for years, the soil of my heart was rocky.  no room for roots to grow deep.  after pruning and tilling the soil, the soil of my heart is rich.  the seeds that were planted have sprouted, reaching earnestly for the Light.  leaning in the direction of His warm embrace. 

if i remember anything from life science class, then life requires three things. 

food.  water.  light. 

i came to the fountain thirsty.  parched, really.  and now i have a well of living water bubbling up inside of me. 

i stumbled to the table hungry.  famished and weak.  today, i feast on the bread of Life.   everything else leaves me hungry and empty. 

because of these, life has sprouted. 

but now is the time to bring that into the light for all of you to see.  the longer i keep it hidden, the less chance it has to grow. 

with bated breath, on humble knees, i offer you the prayer of my heart. the answer that burst forth after much stillness.  the confirmation that came from your encouragement and faithful prayers.

somewhere along this journey of blogging, i find myself called to be a writer.{do i dare call myself that?!!}  all those years ago when i heard His whisper about speaking to women, i believed it to mean taking a stage and literally speaking into a microphone {preferably in turtleneck season, for the red splotches are hard to explain to a crowd!}.  perhaps that is still part of the plan.

but through your kind words and encouragement.  your comments and prayers.  i believe part of my purpose is to write.  so that readers will know of His glory. 

believe me when i say, i am the least likely.  and definitely not equipped.  but i trust in the One who called me for this purpose.  i whole-heartedly believe that i was chosen for this generation for such a time as this.  to share the wonderful, amazing name of Jesus. 

for the past year, i thought that the time would come to share when life calmed down a bit.  working full-time, raising a toddler, juggling the busy schedule of an almost-eleven year old, while trying my best to remain the wife my husband needs, and stay connected to my friends and family keeps me just a tad busy. 

i now know that busyness is a work of the enemy to keep us from walking in His will for our lives.  it seems innocent.  even good.  but there is still the dream that won't let me go.  the thing my mind drifts to at all hours of the day.  the tug in my heart that tells me i was created for this. 

the desire of my heart is an invitation from the One who planted it there.  to draw closer to Him.  on bended knee with open hands, i submit this dream to Him.  for His will to be done. 

now that the dream is out in the open, i covet your prayers. 

pray for boldness and courage to not shy away from that which is in the light.  pray that the attacks of the enemy are fought swiftly with Truth. 

in the meantime, i am praying you will keep coming over to my house, where the porch light is always burning and the front door is always flung wide open, to share in community with one another.  i'm spending the rest of this month sharing on purpose.  let's tackle this thing together, friends. 

you are so welcomed here.  and appreciated.  perhaps more than you will ever know. 

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