Friday, October 11, 2013

{day 11}::a letter to my friends

sometimes i think it is easier to see the purpose is someone else's life.  perhaps because, as an outsider looking in, our vision is not clouded by the struggles and worries that come with the territory she treads everyday. 

to my friend who boards airplanes and seals deals, making customers happy.  you have fought your way up the corporate ladder.   you struggle with missing your girls and your husband.  but for a moment, consider that you will called to this time and to that runway to be the only Jesus someone in that terminal may see that day.  maybe ever.  your purpose may have nothing to do with your career and everything to do with the places it sends you.  you were made for this!  your bubbly personality and big heart make meeting new people easier.  next time you board that plane, remember, you were created to share His name with those you pass.

to my sweet friend who crossed an ocean to bring your baby boy home, only to learn that life as you planned would never be the same.  you were hand-picked by the One who hand-crafted you to be his mama.  as crazy as your brood of three may seem, you walk through these days with grace and peace.  and while it may not seem that way in your quivering heart, your testimony encourages eyes that watch you from afar.  He chose you for exactly this.  and He walks every step of the way with you.  even on the days you don't want to move, He grabs your hand and rests with you awhile.  you are pouring His truth into three tiny lives with every syllable you speak and every thing you do. 

to my oh-so-very-talented and spunky and fashionable best friend, your minor in photography morphed into a career quicker than you probably imagined.  you eye for art draws people in.  you were gifted with the uncanny ability to make everyone feel beautiful.  perhaps it is because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  and your eye finds the beauty in everything.  which is exactly why your beauty oozes from the inside, out.  keep making girls of all ages find their true beauty.  it is exactly what you were created for!

to my sister, who stands in front of tiny eyes, and pours smarts into big brains.  you were made to be a teacher.  your inquisitive mind and compassionate heart happen to be the perfect combination for reaching deep into the hearts of students and helping them find their worth.  your passion for education ignites excitement in everyone you encounter.  the seed of education was planted in your heart all those years ago when you wondered what to be when you grew up.  the classroom flung the door wide open and welcomed you home.  may you continue to pour into your students' lives.  for it is evident you pour more than just book knowledge.  you also demonstrate what a Godly woman looks like. 

to my friend and co-worker, you hugs the road to and from work everyday.  your long trek to work gives you the time and space you need to think and pray.  your van is a haven of prayers whispered to the One who knows how hard it must be to work so far from home, while raising a teenager girl.  your beautiful miracle baby.  your love for Jesus shines bright.  your wisdom and discernment leave me at peace.  and your humor makes long days more bearable.  your listening ear and sincere words speak loud, leaving a calmness behind.  perhaps the distance between home and work was exactly what He had in mind.  for He knew there would be co-workers who longed to admire a leader such as yourself.

to my mama, the always nurse.  all those years ago, He knew exactly what He was doing when you cleaved to my Diddy.  while the days have been hard and long, you never give up hope.  you cling to it, like you cling to your faith.  caring for a chronically ill spouse is never the white-picket fence dream of any girl.  but you have managed to journey through the storms while keeping your eyes on Jesus.  you were created to be a nurse for more reasons that you know.  your desire to fix things and your quiet, gentle spirit are just the right mixture for caring for others.  perhaps your calling as a nurse had less to do with your paycheck and more to do with your marriage.  and perhaps your nurturing ways spoke volumes into the lives of your daughters.

to my stink, who split-wide open my heart on a rather cold march morning all those years ago.  watching you endure heart surgery might have been one of the most difficult things i have ever done.  now that i'm a mama, i imagine what your mama went through and my own heart threatens to splinter.  but you were created with a piece of your heart missing on design.  don't for one second ever wonder if He made a mistake or lost sight of you.  your missing piece was just the exact size i needed to be reminded of His sovereignty and grace.  your sweet heart, that pumps so much life into the world around you, will forever bear a mark of repair.  perhaps that mark is to remind you that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  that the One who designed you, left a giant piece out of every heart.  and those holes can only be repaired through a relationship with Him. 

to friends facing cancer, divorce, loss of job, infertility, financial burdens, or extended seasons of waiting.  there is purpose and meaning in everything.  we can't even imagine to see the ending that awaits.  but we can draw near to the One who writes the story.  and we can trust that His purpose will always prevail.  what may seem like an unfair hand or lousy luck, may be the very thing that catapults us into our purpose for the Kingdom.

each one of us have a purpose.  no purpose is better or bigger or cooler.  the moment we begin to focus our eyes on the real meaning behind a circumstance, the moment we realize His glory in everything. 

may you soak up the grace He offers you today.

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