Saturday, October 12, 2013

{day 12}::the missing piece

ever feel like something was missing in your life?  like there was a giant gaping hole right in the middle?

might i suggest that it is there on design.

for each of us were created with a missing piece.  

some fill it with money and material things.  some fill it with addictions and bad habits.  others fill it with careers and accomplishments.

yet none of those things close the gap.

the canyon that splits wide open our soul can only be completely filled by the One who is deeper and wider than any valley.

today i had the extreme pleasure of traveling to the place that still feels like home.  the very place where He drew me back to Himself.  

for much of the time spent in this place i filled my hole with things left me more unfulfilled.  i was empty and bankrupt.  it wasn't until i began pouring Truth in my empty well that i realized what had been missing all along.

somewhere in the middle of the third quarter, i glanced down and shuttered at another hole.  missing a piece.  devastated and nearly on the brink of tears, my focused returned to the more important things in this life.  for on the jumbo screen was the prettiest little face of a little girl giving praise to Him for making her cancer free.  she was cheering for the Tigers and praising Him.  all at once.

it put my missing piece back in perspective.

friends, if you find yourself dumping things in the canyon of your soul, only to glance up and still find yourself empty, i can promise you will never be filled.

there is purpose in the gap that splinters your heart.  the One who left the missing piece is the only One to fill it.  allow His glorious truth to pour into the space that threatens to break you.  

may you know that this life will always be missing something.  but there will come a day, when He comes to take us home, when the entire puzzle will be a beautiful masterpiece.

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