Wednesday, October 16, 2013

{day 16}::the storm that brews

do you ever find yourself staring down the exact same situation?  time and time again?

if you are anything like me, and likely you are not, the situation gets the worst of you. 

each and every time i vow to do things differently.  to not get frustrated.  to just roll through it until the waters calm and the clouds clear. 

and just like the disciples, the moment the wind starts howling and the boat starts rocking, i get all antsy and anxious and feel as if He has forsaken me.  i feel like He took His eye off me for a moment, which caused the storm to pop up.

ridiculous, right? 

i know.  you don't have to tell me.

just this week, the storm rolled in.  and i felt it brewing in my heart before the winds starting blowing everything around me.  i anticipated the rain and all the emotions that came with it. 

what i didn't anticipate was a gentle whisper to calm my spirit.  a reminder that this storm may have nothing to do with the situation around me and everything to do with what He is trying to produce in me. 

how's that for clarity? 

might i suggest to you, that the storms you are facing serve a purpose in your life.  they are designed, by nature, to draw us closer to Him.  to trust His nature.  to lean into His loving arms.  to allow Him to navigate the choppy waters. 

the storm that always seems to brew in my life is designed on purpose to produce a work in me.  perhaps now that i realize this, i will be able to face it with more clarity and resolve, trusting in Him to walk me through it.

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