Tuesday, October 15, 2013

{day 15}::why people pleasing is for the birds

what is that thing that holds you back?  that thing you think will cause people to think differently of you? 
might i suggest that people are just people.  we weren't created to please people. 
people pleasers are rarely really happy.  ask me how i know. 
i wasted too much time trying to please people.  then one day, i realized i would rather spend my time pleasing the One who created me.  the only One i would spend eternity with. 
may you grow bold to that thing He has called you to, abandoning all fears of what others think and bravely stepping out in faith.
come on back tomorrow where i share my struggles over a situation that continues to crop up in my life.  a situation that always elicits the same exact response from me.  which leads me to no where.

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