Saturday, October 19, 2013

{day 19}::a commitment

i made a commitment.  not on a whim.  but one made through lots of prayer. 

on august 3, i joined a friend and vowed not to purchase myself anything new for an entire year. 

this has been met with lots of laughs and quizzical looks. 

why, you may ask?

because we live in a world of excess.  a world that demands my way, right away at every turn.  a world that tells us if we are having a bad day, then a new top or pair of shoes will make us feel better.  a world that screams more, more, more. 

all the while, leaving our hearts emptier.  our souls screaming for more, more, more. 

of Him.

on the days that i believe a new pair of shoes or top would make me feel better, i spend time in prayer.  and unlike how quickly the dazzle of new shoes or clothes fade, the peace that washes over my soul lasts much longer.

i am using this time to refocus my relationship with my Savior. 

back when i made the promise to my friend, i wasn't completely sure the reason why i felt so strongly about the commitment.  i am beginning to understand His purpose in calling me to obedience in this area.  He is using this time to draw me nearer to Him.

do not love the world or the things in the world.
 if anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him,
because all that is in the world
 (the desire of the flesh and
 the desire of the eyes and
 the arrogance produced by material possessions)
is not from the Father, but is from the world. 
and the world is passing away with all its desires,
but the person who does the will of God remains forever.
1 john 2:15-17
this world continues to lose it's luster in my sight.   the things of this world are falling away. 
what is something new you could give up for an entire year?

should you ever catch me saying i have nothing to wear, punch me.

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