Monday, October 21, 2013

{day 21}::a tiny step forward

way back in august, i was asked if i would consider listing my name as the substitute for our sunday school class. 

i agreed.

after all, our sunday school teacher is rarely out of town on the weekends.  and the class is always packed because he is such a wonderful teacher. 

i figured it was just a formality.  in the event, something happened and they needed someone to bring order to our rowdy, social bunch.

last week, our teacher posted a message in our facebook group seeking volunteers to lead the class.

i avoided it like the plague. 

the more i avoided it, the sicker i felt.

friday night, my husband said, 'hey, aren't you supposed to be the sub?'

my notion of letting it 'slip my mind' wasn't going to pan out the way i had planned. 

even though it had eaten at me all week, i tried to ignore the nudges.  the gentle whispers to my spirit. 

so with shaky fingers and a trembling heart, i responded to the request. 

and on sunday morning, still reluctant and anxious, i made one more step into His will for my life. 

the running will always lead to no where.  it will always leave you with sweaty hands and a trembling heart.  ask me how i know.

the moment you stop trying to outrun His call, is the moment you experience His peace.  a peace that surpasses all understanding. 

i am going to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  taking one step at time.  with each step, moving closer to His calling for my life.

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