Tuesday, October 22, 2013

{day 22}::who i am when no one is looking

i have heard it said that character is who you are when no one is looking.

despite all those years in high school and college i spent pretending that i wasn't scared of rejection, behind closed doors, in the still of the night i was nothing more than a scared little girl.  i wasted years caring more about what people thought about me instead of caring for people.  i neglected time seeking selfish desires and making futile attempts of acting like i had it all together. 

when no one was looking, i was just a girl who wanted to feel loved.  to feel pursued.  to be accepted. 

ironically enough, the moment i met the man who would love me in spite of my worst days, i also fell head over heels in love with One who pursued me all along. 

all those moments felt wasted.  and all the ones that came after have been part of a grand design.  a molding process of shaping me into who i am today. 

i no longer waste precious time wishing things could have been differently. 

i have embraced my story for what it is.  a beautiful story of redemption and grace.  a story unique for me.  a story designed to gently lead me into His purpose for my life. 

how have your experiences guided you into your calling?

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