Wednesday, October 23, 2013

{day 23}::catching a glimpse of glory

scoot in closer.  lend me your ear.  allow me to share with you a precious story of purpose revealed. 

a few weeks ago my best friend lost her first baby.  her furry, four-legged angel, riley.  riley had been a precious part of her family for twelve years. 

my heart splintered into a million fragments when i heard the news.  i wanted so desperately to wrap her up in my arms and just allow her to grieve. 

fast forward to last week.

my best friend traveled all the way from her sweet home alabama back to the first place she made a home with her family.  back to where i found her. 

she was in town last week for work. 

{she's an amazing photographer.  i happen to be her business manager.  wink, wink!}

on monday evening, her last shoot of the week, her clients were a delightful couple and their five pups.  the gal shares that she just rescued a pup from the pound. 

i imagine the animal lover heart of my best friend leapt. 

after sharing stories of loss and love of animals, the gal offered this pup to my best friend.  a pup that just so happened to be the exact breed she had declared she would have should she ever decide to add another member to the family. 

i will never forget the goosebumps that covered me as i lounged in the recliner, listening to her recount the story.  questioning whether she was ready for another animal.  ready to make room in her big heart to love another furry friend. 

i suppose her trip was never intended for work.  work was the by-product of the purpose of her trip.  for He knew all along there was someone waiting for her here.  waiting to make a home with her family.

she is back home safe and sound with her sweet kids.  and their new furry friend, annie. 

when you see the purpose behind everything, the divine in the midst of the mundane, you catch a glimpse of His glory. 

when you are given the opportunity to behold His glory, you fall deeper in love with the Giver of all good gifts.

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