Monday, October 7, 2013

{day 7}::a change of plans

sunday mornings can be a bit hairy in our household. 

in a house of four with only one early bird, it makes getting out the house and to church a task of mammoth proportions.  and it tends to leave the early bird wanting to bite off more than just the worm, if you know what i mean.

by the time i grace the pew of the sanctuary, with my heart still seething over why it is so difficult to get moving in the mornings, i find myself far away from a state of worship.

yesterday was no different.

with the exception that i left the older of the two sleepy heads at home.  i didn't have it in me to do the nagging and tugging and pushing towards the shower. 

as i dropped off my tiny tot in nursery, i was ready to prepare my heart to worship on the short walk to the sanctuary. 

someOne had another plan in mind. 

there was a visitor. a single mom of two, looking rather anxious.  someone kindly directed her kids to children's church, while calling my name to walk with her to worship service. 

i would be lying if i said i wasn't the teeniest bit annoyed. 

after all, i had plans to prepare my heart for worship.  remember?

we chatted the whole way to the sanctuary.  she thanked me for the escort and joked about finding a seat in the back somewhere.  i insisted she sit with me.

she replied, 'on the third row?'
{i have always been a front of the room kind of gal.  i prefer to be close and pay attention.  i'm a nerd that way.}

somewhere in the middle of the service, i received the blessing He had intended all along for me. 

through the music and message, i heard Him whisper to my spirit. 

'this is your purpose, remember?   to passionately serve women of all ages.'

how quickly i forget.  how soon i throw up the blinders and focus on myself. 

i'm not certain she planned to stay for sunday school.  perhaps she planned to sit on the back pew.  sneak out a few minutes before service had ended.  grab her kids and be on her way. 


or perhaps God placed me in the same hallway with her at the same time she needed someone to show her the way to the sanctuary. 

i choose to believe the later. 

will she come back?
i don't know.

do i believe He fulfilled His purpose through me yesterday?

did it change my whole outlook on a day that started rather rocky?
you bet!

how often do i make plans for my day?  only to find those plans derailed before i ever leave my house.  when i humbly submit my plans over to Him, i open myself up to receive the blessings He intended for me from the beginning. 
in their hearts humans plan their course,
    but the Lord establishes their steps.
proverbs 16:9

for more on this 31 days of purpose, come on over...

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