Thursday, November 14, 2013

for the time when your bad day is a blessing

what was supposed to start as a wonderful half day of work before my family set off on our polar express adventure quickly turned into something less than stellar.

my girl woke up in a puddle of orange, gooey mess.  a trip to our favorite doctor confirmed this mama's diagnosis. 

a double ear infection.

running late to an eleven o'clock meeting, I received news that I was asked to shared.  a gut punch would have felt better. i am sure of it.

under the weight of such bad news, i nearly buckled.  

as i made it back to the hospital to drop off my girl's prescription, i ran into a friend leaving the hospital.  i saw her sadness before i ever saw her.  i wrapped her in a hug.  the only solace I could offer at the moment.

on the way to my car, a bee decided my girl was just as sweet as we do.  her thumb holds the sting of pain.  so does my heart.

as we crossed the threshold of our house, i banished satan in Jesus' name.  

he prowled all day.  seeking to steal our joy.  he did not win.

he never will.

there is purpose in everything.

had i not have rescheduled my meeting for today, i would not have been able to share hope with those crumbling under the heavy weight of bad news.  I would not have been able to squeeze them tight and offer heartfelt prayers to the One who watches over them all.

had my girl not have been sick and needed a prescription, i would not have seen the sadness that shrouded my friend.  i would not have been blessed by stopping in the middle of a parking garage to hug her tight and whisper prayers of peace for her family.

had my girl not have stung by that bee, i likely would not have slowed down long enough to hold her tight.  rocking away the pain and comforting her with my prayers.

sometimes the biggest blessings are found in what seems inconvenient and uncomfortable.  

when our eyes are opened to the grace gifts that abound, our hearts break wide open with His love.

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