Tuesday, November 26, 2013

in case you were wondering...

life around my house has been a bit crazy, to say the least.

i was down for the count for four days with some kind of yuck.  all the while, the dust accumulated into a winter wonderland delight.  and the mountain of laundry grew to epic proportions. 

sadly, i admit our suitcases are still not unpacked from our trip to the mountains.  and it looks as if a landmine went off in my boy's room. 

then, to add to all the fun, my man grew ping pong balls in his throat over night.  he has been down for the count for three days.

the holiday rush is upon us and amongst all the crazy, i find myself reflecting on all the many things {so many, many things} that have filled my heart with joy since my absence from this space. 

things such as...

...train rides to the north pole
...a weekend of respite in the mountains
...visiting a chapel that holds a piece of my heart
...a boss who understands that sickness happens in the middle of the day sometimes
...friends who lend books and movies because they totally understand the obsession
...giggles with high school girls during Bible study
...dessert and coffee on monday evenings with my beauties
...heated seats on cold mornings
...sisters who drive brothers to doctor when wives can't get off work
...mamas who live a mile down the road and offer their car when yours shows no sigh of life on a monday morning
...brother-in-laws {and sister-in-laws} who spend their day off helping mend my car back to life
...supper with my church family
...healthy deliveries of precious babies
...answered prayers and sung praises for a tender heart of an amazing lil' boy
...friends who hand down shoes from one princess to another
...hot tea that soothes uneasy tummies
...the randomness that comes from all things tween
...the hunger games {yes, i drank the Kool-Aid!  and love it!}
...paul and the book of galatians
...the glimpse of twinkling lights on the horizon
yes, things such as these.
and so much more.
one might miss the blessings under the cover of so much crazy.  but when your eyes are trained to catch the grace that falls freely and richly, you can't help but fill your cup.  abundantly and exceedingly more than you could ever imagine.
as the holiday glimmers on the horizon and we find ourselves gathering around tables with family and friends, may we take a moment to pour out our gratitude to the Giver of all good things.  may we enter His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts...for the big and the small blessings. 
gratitude is an attitude.  one we must teach ourselves to adopt each and every moment. 
while you celebrate this holiday, may you take a moment to relish in the grace He gives freely.   and may you realize that you have the ability to move someone closer to or farther away from the Cross this season.  which will you choose?

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