Saturday, November 9, 2013

the time i met someone who blessed my soul...

we had never met before the night of the ladies dinner.

i had lurked around her blog and followed her on instagram.  always inspired by her faith.  yet, never knowing the girl outside of social media.

when i was asked who would make a good speaker for our ladies dinner, i knew in an instant. 

and she agreed.

the first time i laid eyes on her, i was struck by her beauty.  instantly, i knew it was because of her heart for Jesus.  she radiates His glory.  she shines as a bright light in a dark world.  she passionately shares Jesus and His unending love.  she unabashedly proclaims His goodness. 

hers is a beautiful story of redemption. 

just like yours.  and mine. 

if ever you wanted to read a love story parallel to the love story of Jesus, you should read the book of hosea. 

just like gomer, who stood on the auction block, chained by her sin. waiting to be purchased as someone's slave.  her husband, hosea, rushes through the crowd and purchases his wife back from prostitution. 

we stood on the auction block beside gomer.  just like her, we were bound by our sinful nature.  waiting for someOne to set us free.

and there is His.  beckoning us to freedom in Him. 

praise Jesus! 

we are no longer chained to our old selves. 

for we are a new creation in Christ.

i will be forever blessed by women like her.  who boldly take the stage and a microphone to speak His great name.  to share His amazing love. 

i met a sister in Christ this week. 

and my life will always be better for knowing her.  words will never be able to thank you enough, jennie edwards.

we should never be ashamed to share our stories of redemption.  for we are no longer slaves to that which had us bound in darkness.  we are children of Light. 

who is that person in your life that you are thankful boldly shares the Good News?

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