Wednesday, November 6, 2013

when you wonder what happens on Sunday mornings

we gather in the first room on the right.  on the second floor of the children's building.  each week we take the same seats.  we come thirsty for truth.  hungry for hope.  

on any given Sunday, we find the exact nourishment we need for our starved souls. 

this past week, i had the pleasure of facilitating the discussion again.  we poured out our hearts. we offered up our thanksgiving. 

we gathered round a precious family.  we laid hands on them.  we covered them in prayer.  and washed them in our love. 

their baby boy is facing another surgical procedure to repair his fragile heart. 

as a group of young parents, we felt the heavy weight of the burden fall on our shoulders.  and so we lifted them high.  to the One who holds us all in His almighty hands. 

we declared His goodness. 
we asked for healing.
we sought His peace. 
we felt His love. 

my cup runneth over.  i am beyond grateful to do life with these people.  people who bless my life far more than they will ever truly know. 

if you don't have a Sunday School class or a Bible study group or a group of fellow believers in Christ that can gather around you and lift you up in your time of need,  i venture to say you might be missing out on the sweetness found in relationship with the body of Christ. 

my life is far sweeter because of the friendships i found in my Sunday School class. 

by yourself you’re unprotected.
with a friend you can face the worst.
can you round up a third?
a three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped.
ecclesiastes 4:12 (the message)
as you can see, we are renovating over at my house.  a house that still serves the Lord.
but over the course of the past few months, it has felt a little less like a house and more like a home.
a dwelling place, if you will. 
please bare with us as we splash some paint on the walls and move the furniture around a bit. 
we are making a cozy spot just for you.  complete with a cup of coffee. 
come on back.  the porch will be burning bright for you.

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