Saturday, November 2, 2013

when you find yourself empty

i'm not sure i could adequately explain how much it blesses my heart to see people give thanks through their social media statuses. 

yes, some may be clich√©.  but it is in the saying it out loud, that we remember to truly be grateful.

for thanksgiving is not just a holiday.

it is an attitude. 

one which we should adopt all year 'round. 

each day we should find the blessings that bless our souls.  beyond all measure.


we gathered 'round a tiny table with our hands wrapped tight around hot, delicious coffee. we each took a moment of respite.  away from the mommy duties.  away from the household chores. 

to simply pour into one another. 

we laughed.  we shared stories.  we filled each other up. 

so that we can come back to our homes and pour ourselves out again. 

sometimes, you don't realize how drained and empty you are until you huddle up around a table with hearts united in Him.  when you come depleted and stretched and pulled and pushed and tugged and ripped to pieces. 

a life lived at warp speed tends to cause all the moments to blur together into one unrecognizable smear. 

but finding yourself wrapped up in friendship with hands wrapped around your mug is holy.  a gift from the One who gives all things good. 

friendship born from hearts that love Jesus is worth thanksgiving.


giving thanks gives life to our dry bones. 

but in order to live life to the fullest, we must change our perspective.  
it isn't easy, but we must train our eye to seek out the blessing. 

and when our eyes are trained to see the blessing it everything, our hearts are filled to the brim and overflowing with joy.

thanksgiving is the lens God means for us to see joy all year round.
~ann voskamp 

may we wake up this season and really dig in to the crazy, mind-blowing, amazing grace that abounds.

how did you fill yourself up today with His grace?

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