Tuesday, December 24, 2013

the presents that won't be found under my tree this year...

i almost came out unscathed.  almost. 

it happened in the middle of sweeping the kitchen floor and wrangling a toddler and the phone ringing and the thoughts of the dizzying to-do list dancing in my head.

i lost my cool.  i shouted.  i had a bit of a meltdown on the not-quite swept kitchen floor. 

you see, up until this moment, i had not allowed all the other stuff steal my Christmas joy.  i had set my heart in the manger with mary and joseph.  i had my eyes focused on the gift given all those years ago. 

but darkness crept up on me.  it washed over me in a thick shroud and promised to drown out any light. 

and i allowed it to happen in a matter of mere seconds. 

i sat for a moment to pray and reposition my heart. 

and then, the best gifts of this season flooded my memory. 

the little boy excitingly waving from the backseat while stuck in a holiday traffic jam.  and the grin that filled his face when i waved back.

the unexpected and undeserved silver bracelet from a new friend.

the sounds of my girl shouting at the top of her lungs in dollar general...'Jesus Christ is born!'

the shaking hands and prayerful heart that secretly placed Christmas love notes all over town.  and then the surprise that someone i knew and loved actually wrapped her hands around such Truth.

the gift wrapping lessons with my girl.

my girl's obsession with baby Jesus from her nativity set. 

the Christmas cards that flooded our mailbox and the prayers for these precious families that will follow.

watching my girl and her friends sing in her school's Christmas program.  and knowing that she learns about Jesus each and every day. 

the discovery of an old picture of me and my sister in our not-so-pretty Christmas sweaters.

the uncontrollable giggles with my CRASH friends during our insta-Christmas scavenger hunt.

yes, these.  and so many more.

for you see, the best gift of the season will never be found in a crowded store.  or under a tree wrapped in ornate paper and beautiful bows.  the best gift will never be the one that causes masses of people to flock to sales in the wee hours of the morning. 

the best gift was wrapped in swaddling clothes.  born in a filthy, dark barn of a place.  and the Giver of all things good continues to pour out His good gifts over me every moment of every day.

there isn't a gift in this entire world that compares to Jesus.   

may you unwrap the best gift this season.  and may His love fill you to the brim and overflowing, as you experience the weigh of His majesty.

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