Friday, December 13, 2013

when worry threatens to high-jack your Christmas...

i have a tendency to worry.  it's just who i am.  

i can stress myself out over the silliest of things.  working myself into a tailspin before i even know it.  i get on my own nerves.

this season i purposed myself to focus on the true meaning of the holidays.  i mean, really focus.  

for the season is not about the shopping and presents and wrapping paper and bows.  nor is it about the tree and the tiny twinkling lights and beautifully placed ornaments.  it's not even about the food and the fellowship and festivities.  

no, it's not about any of that stuff.  for stuff is just that.  
fleeting, at best.  futile, at worst.

on a cold, dark, night many years ago, God came to be with us.  in the form of tiny, innocent, precious baby.  a little lamb.  

God with us.

in the deep darkness of an evil world, God offered His only Son.  a peace offering, if you will.  to live among us.  bringing us His perfect peace.  gracing us with hope and promise.

no surprise a chorus of angels thundered the skies with praises.

for they knew we had just received the best gift of all.

and mary?  His mother?  her worry and anxiety?  have you ever stopped to imagine what she may have felt?  has your mama heart ever lingered over the emotions that must have stirred in her heart?

can you feel it?  does it make your heart race the way it does mine?  

make no mistake.  there is nothing silent or peaceful about childbirth.  it is a laboring that endures through the ages.  mothers labor over their children way past the pushing that brings forth life from the womb.  

i dare to imagine mary was no different.  for over thirty years, she labored over her Son.  the One she knew came to save her. Us.  she had pondered these things in her heart for years.    

God with us.

and we betrayed Him.  with a kiss, no less.  when the going got tough and the worry crept it, we turned our backs.  for the weight of an innocent life was too much to bear.  we foolishly allowed doubt to steal our joy.

but His absence is felt in hearts that do not have a relationship with Him.  

you see it in people who try to fill the void with stuff.  gifts, cars, houses, clothes, money, drugs, alcohol, sex.

just worthless stuff.  

Christmas makes no sense to me apart from Easter.  

a Father and Son kept a promise.  a Father entrusted us with the life of His only Son.  and when we turned out to be the selfish, untrustworthy people we really are, He ransomed His only Son for us.  

us. you and me.

i wouldn't dare speak for you, but my sin was more than enough to hold Him to that Cross.  the weight of that pierces my heart.  and gratitude pours forth.      

so when the worry and anxiety and stress of the holiday threatens to rob you of joy.  may you focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  an indescribable gift. sent to us from a Father who lavishly adores you.

God with us.

and as if that were not enough, that very Gift walked out of the tomb one Easter morning, defeating death and giving us the gift of eternal life.  

my prayer for you in the coming days is for the meaning of this season to wash over your spirit, flooding you with peace and grace.  we have already received the best Christmas present ever.  from the Giver of all things good.  the wonders of His love never cease to amaze me.  

God is with us.  

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