Saturday, February 1, 2014

when your baby girl goes on her first date...

for a month she waited for the very moment he would pick her up for her very first date.  a date with a guy she adores. 

she woke up the morning of the dance and whispered, 'is today the day i go on my date to the dance?'

her mama picked her up early from school.  for she wanted to spend special time getting ready for the big dance.  mamas like to etch this memory deep into the crevasses of their heart.  memories so sweet they savor each and every morsel.

she picked out her dress. 
she polished her nails the same silver sparkles as her shoes. 
shoes made for dancing.
she curled her hair. 
she put on lip gloss.

and then she twirled. 

her mama cried.

mama pulled her close.  green met blue and mama whispered these words straight from her heart.

baby, you will never have a better first date than tonight.  not ever.  this is special.  you get to have your very first date with a guy who adores you.  a guy who thinks you hang the moon.  a guy who holds your heart sacred.  i want you to cherish every single second of this moment.
and then she wrapped tiny little arms tight around her mama's neck and simply said, 'ok, mama.'

the door bell rang.
excitement carried her down the hall faster than one could blink.
she flung open the front door to find her prince charming holding a flower.
one picked out especially to match her dress.

she giggled. 
she gazed smitten deep into his handsome face.
green met blue and they twirled.

there were some picture and a few tears.  and then they were gone.  off to dinner and a dance.
two pieces of my heart sharing a moment sacred between just a daddy and his princess.

a mama eagerly waited for their return.  when she heard the car door slam, she flung open the front door and sat on the floor.  he carried her from the car.  all she saw were two smiles twinkling in the night. 

she bounded in the door straight into her mama's arms. 
she giggled.
and twirled.

mama and girl snuggled down warm for the night as she told her all about her first date.  from what she ate to the music that played. 

they fell asleep holding hands.
two girls whose hearts are entwined tight.

my heart is storing up all these treasures.  treasures so rich.  blessings more abundant than this mama deserves. 

my girl will never have a better first date.  i spoke truth to her in that moment.  her daddy is teaching her all about the kind of man she deserves.  he is demonstrating sacrificial and abiding love.  a love story wrapped up in Truth.

our prayer is that the guy she seeks has his eyes so focused on Jesus and her heart is so hidden in Christ that the only way he sees her is to look directly at the One who is love. 

for we know that the only way to love another is to love Him first.

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