Wednesday, April 16, 2014

for the days when your mouth gets you in trouble...

just when i'm certain all the words have dried up, leaving me with nothing to share, i go and have a crappy day.  filling me with words begging to erupt like a violent volcano.

i choke them down.
for the most part.  

i spew some venom before i remember to swallow hard.
poison so thick and hot, my stomach churns.

i'm struggling with a situation.
one, that if i allow it, will rob me of all joy.
yet, on most days i feel a peace surrounding me.
and then a stone is thrown and i crumble under the impact.

death and life are in the power of the tongue,    and those who love it will eat its fruits. ~proverbs 18:21

funny how the enemy knows exactly when to throw a punch.
and often times the person speaking the words that sting like a dagger have no clue the internal bleeding they've caused.

an already fragile heart can bleed out right before your eyes without even knowing it.
ask me how i know.

as sure as my stomach churns, i am certain i feasted on rotten fruit today.
not a delicacy i would recommend.

with bruised emotions, i want to stay camped on the words that pierced deep.
but my heart wants to lavishly extend grace.
because i so desperately need the same.

i'm trusting Him to bind these wounds.
redeeming callous words and healing shattered hearts.

He remains the strength of this heart of mine.

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